Cassie Heintz

We wanted to get a message to Dr. Karen Twyning & Dr. Carrie Moore to let you both know how wonderful Dr. Carrie Moore was in helping us say goodbye to our beloved dog Cassie.  Dr. Karen, you helped us say goodbye to my dog Codie last year in April.  10 months to the date, we had to say goodbye to one of my mom’s collies, Cassie, who had suddenly developed MegaEsophagus. Dr. Carrie was absolutely wonderful.  She had a gentle demeanor, and loving way about her with Cassie and us.  We genuinely appreciated her gentleness with Cassie and her kindness to us. Although saying goodbye is never easy, Dr. Carrie made the transition a gentle and loving one.  We know Cassie is now at peace and has her Angel wings on and has found her dear BFF Codie in heaven and they are running and playing together once again.  Thank you so much Dr. Carrie for the gentle and supportive farewell you gave us for Cassie. It is evident that you have a very loving spirit. Thank you Dr. Karen for founding such a wonderful service so that beloved pets can leave this earth in the comfort and familiarity of their home, surrounded by those they love. Sincerely, Joyce & Janet Heintz