“Csepes” Korpos

Csepes ~ circa 2001 to 27 February 2016
Csepes was the four-legged love of my life. He was my constant guardian, standing between me and anyone or anything he thought could possibly be a threat to me.

Csepes had several nicknames, including Big, Biggy-Big, Mr. Big, and Wolfie. He brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. He was a constant companion to Kizmet (his “sister”); was kind and affectionate to Hunter and Xena (the cats); loved kids; loved every dog he met; loved the rain, snow and water; loved to stick his head out the sun roof; and flew like the wind through fields. Csepes was inquisitive and always up for an adventure. He was judicious with his kisses, except when he was licking obsessively. He was always patient, and loved to be adored – he had SO many admirers! Csepes was magnificent.The connection we shared was so deep. When he looked into my eyes he touched my soul. I am so blessed to have shared so many years with him. I still feel him beside me and know I always will. Many thanks to Dr. Allegra Liu for her help in making a home passing possible for Csepes. It is such a blessing to be able to have our fur babies feel safe during their transition.
Be well,Michele