Our beautiful Dakota of 12 great years, was such a wonderful member of our family. She was so gentle, friendly, loving and had many silly sassy moments with many people and other animals big or small. Oh, so many fun memories and moments. It was hard for her the last few years as her medical issues increased. As she still stayed so strong willed and, in her mind, she was still a puppy in her older years. Sadly, she slowly stopped running and playing like she used to within the last year and then in the last couple months she seemed to do even less very quickly. As hard as it was, we knew it was time to let her go and free her from this pain that was starting to take over her ability to be her happy self anymore. We miss her so much, although grateful she’s free of any pain now. Dr Holly was amazing, compassionate and patient throughout every moment. A big thank you to Dr Holly and all that was involved in any way. May our Dakota RIP, Play and Run Free again with our Shadow, Buttercup and others. We’ll always Love you forever!