Here’s our Duke (aka, the Dukester, Dukie, Baby Boy, Goofy, Buddy). It didn’t matter what anyone called him, he would greet them with his goofy smile from his overbite and a tail wag that could throw his whole body out of joint. Always! And it was the same with any other critter or animal. Dukie loved anyone and anything that breathed, and was more than happy to help make them a fur ball with his fur. He was a rescue that was reluctantly given up, and he had health issues (not the reason he was given up…the previous owners had their own to contend with). While he was still able, he was the best back seat driver a person could ask for…and he loved to travel. At family outings when everyone would bring their fur babies, he was the old man, but he always tried his best to keep up with the “kids”. He was a constant reminder to us what true unconditional love is all about and prompted me to write an article about God’s not so subtle sense of humor when he name dogs dog (God backwards), knowing that His other creation would need a constant reminder of what life is really all about. He was family when he was with us, and now he is family in our hearts and memories. RIP my buddy.