Dukie was a protective pup who didn’t trust many, but once his trust was gained, he loved you forever and fiercely. He loved laying on his owners lap, and being held. He loved his neighbor, Jake who he would always play with when they were both outside in the yard- even though Jake was much much larger than Duke.

He loved ham and his little mole toy. He loved his owners Kevin, Kenneth, and Elliot. He loved his brother, Tricky. He loved the simple things in life. Love.

Not many people got to see the soft side of Dukie because he was protective over his heart. But I got to see his beautiful soul and I will always miss and cherish his love. I am Kevins finance, so I spent a lot of time with the sweet pup. At first, he hated me and barked every time I came over, but eventually, we learned to trust each other.

He will always be remembered by us and no other dog will ever take his place.

Stay fierce our boy. We love you.