Henry LaBouff

Henry, Mr. Personality, you were truly a one of a kind cat. A cat so irresistible even non-cat lovers loved you. You kept us fascinated and entertained for all the years you shared with us. Stories, oh we have so many Henry stories. Like the time you couldn’t get to your cat box in the bathroom because the door was closed. But there was a bucket of new litter sitting right outside the door and the lid was not on firmly. So you just knocked it off, perched up on the rims of the bucket and did your business. You cuddled and yowled and made friends with every other animal, whether cat or dog, that came into the house. We are so sad you had to go but after 18 1/2 years, we knew you were telling us “it’s time”. Thank you to Dr. Liu for her kind, compassionate assistance helping you move to the other side. We could not have asked for anything more. We love you Henry, still and always.