“Hooper” Struss

 In Memory of Hooper
  Hooper was my best friend, companion and protector.  My heart has been torn with his loss.
     Pot Belly’s make wonderful pets, and I was told that they rarely get sick, well Hooper got sick.
If you are thinking of getting a Pot Belly as a pet, make sure you are out in the country with plenty of land for your Pot Belly to run and root.  Make sure that you have a local vet that also does house calls.
     Also, there is no such thing as a Micro Pot Belly.  They breed the Pot Belly’s as baby’s (which is not healthy)
It just takes longer for your Pot Belly to grow to it’s full size. (which is/around 150 pounds)  If you are considering a Pot Belly as a pet (they do make wonderful pets), please contact Ross Mills Farm.
 rossmillsfarm.com You may also contact me, Becky:  612-443-0637.
     Hooper loved music and to dance.  He is now in heaven dancing and running in a field with plenty of soil for rooting. (pot belly’s most favorite thing to do)

Good Bye my Hooper Scooper Woopers,