“My beloved best friend Jimmy was about 16 years old, and graced our lives with his presence for over 13 years. His health had been up and down in the last year as he was aging and we managed his Cushing’s disease. As daily activities became increasingly difficult for Jimmy, I considered making an appointment for an in-home quality of life evaluation. Then Jimmy had a particularly good day, when he was able to romp at a favorite walking spot with a few buddies. He slowed down over the next two days, and by early Saturday morning, he was clearly suffering. Jimmy’s papa and I agreed that Jimmy was telling us he was ready to go. I called friends for recommendations and was relieved to find someone who could come that same day, Dr. Liu through Pet Loss at Home. I miss Jimmy terribly but I’m thankful that he’s not suffering anymore, we were able to be with him at home for his final hours. And I’m immeasurably thankful for the years of happiness with him. I wish I could have spent even more time with him but I’m glad we had the quality times we did.
Jimmy will be in our hearts forever, and as his papa reminded me, when we talk and tell stories about our companion animals, we keep their essence and their memory with us.”