“Juno” Brown

“Juno” , I am missing you so much, and will always miss you fiercely, you were one
very Special girl whom I hold dear in my Heart.
I will forever cherrish the oh so many memories we built and you left me with.
Tho’ an inside girl, you loved the outside, as daily I took you out and sat with you outside
20-30 minutes at a time so you could play in the grass and  walk the yard satisfying
your endless curiosity.  I miss you cuddled up on the sofa and bed with me behind my legs,
and how our snack time nightly, you loved your little bit of milk I’d give you. You
loved your bacon, pepporoni off our pizzas, and of course you sure loved the
occasional treat of hamburger from Wendys.  Your personality and love and
affection and happiness you gave me was unconditional, and I not only love you
with all my Heart, I miss you and think of you daily. All your other brothers and sisters really miss you too.
Till we meet again at Rainbow bridge, I’ll be looking for you as I cross.
With all my Love,