This beautiful girl appeared on my doorstep 17 years ago. She was gentle and affectionate and had clearly been abandoned by someone who had likely loved her, but couldn’t keep her. She became my Karma. She was a small kitty with a large presence. Karma was very social with humans, always wanting to be petted and loved. She would snuggle against my neck when I’d get home from work and she gave me the sweetest gift of all when I discovered not long after she chose mine as her new home that she was pregnant. On a warm August afternoon, she and I sat patiently on a pile of old towels on the floor of the bathroom while she quietly gave birth to three kittens. There were two males and one female. I kept them all and raised them as a family. Only her middle child remains with me now and he is my whole heart. I lost Karma in March 2017. The house is so empty without her, but I keep her close in my heart. Every human should get to experience this kind of love and devotion.