I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your service and directing us to the services of Dr. Phil Whisnand, here in San Antonio, TX. After months and months of trying to figure out why our beloved Kenzie’s health seemed to be deteriorating rather quickly, excessive weight loss, erratic heading habits, etc… on July 26, 2017 she was diagnosed with cancer. Me and my family were devastated and deeply heartbroken to learn of this but gave us relief to know finally what was causing her health to deteriorate. Surgery was a very risky option with no guarantee how much longer she would last, the most maybe giving her up to one year if she survived that long. Four years ago she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and we thought we were going to lose her back then but her fighting spirit along with aggressive medication treatments gave us 4 more wonderful years with her. After very painful discussions on what to do with our 14 year old sweetheart, we knew in our family’s hearts that it was best to ease her from further suffering. My wife then contacted Dr. Phil Whisnand through Dr. Whisnand was very professional and explained the process to my wife and was flexible to schedule a time that worked for all. We scheduled her final resting on Monday, July 31, 2017. Our family planned to have a special weekend of spoiling and celebrating Kenzie’s life and to show her our appreciation for the most precious gift she gave us, her unconditional love. Over the weekend on Saturday, things took a turn for the worse. Kenzie had begun showing signs of her body starting to shut down. She did not show any immediate signs of discomfort but it was only a matter of time. After thinking through on what to do, we decided that her time had come, that day. We did not want her to start experiencing any pain that would soon follow. My daughter contacted Dr. Whisnand on our behalf to let him know of the change of events and asked if he could make an emergency visit that day. She explained what was beginning to happen and he confirmed her body was beginning to shut down. He said he would be there in minutes to help us through the difficult time. This allowed us to say our final goodbyes and give all the hugs and kisses we could give her. Dr. Whisnand was very kind and understanding, he explained the processes to us and treated Kenzie with so much dignity and respect. He gave her a peaceful, non-painful experience up to her very last breath… which meant so much to me and my family. Thank you Dr. Whisnand for being a true professional, for being flexible and accommodating during our time of crisis. It gave me and my family peace and comfort, knowing she went peacefully and gracefully as we had hoped. Thank you for your services.