Thank you Dr. Monica and Pet Loss At Home for the compassionate care you provided as we said goodbye to our precious Lucy. Lucy was our senior rescue pup who spent most of her life neglected and used for breeding. She came to us severely malnourished and with numerous skin infections to manage. With the help of her fur sister, Eleanor, Lucy learned how to be a dog. She learned how to go on walks, smell grass, and pee on trees. Together, Eleanor and Lucy became sisters and truly enjoyed each others company. The loss of Lucy has been incredibly painful. Her love was so perfect and unconditional, the world feels less bright without her. Despite Lucy living most of her life in torturous conditions, she still chose to love us and trust us, with complete vulnerability. She didn’t get stuck in the past reliving trauma and she didn’t worry about what was coming next, she mastered the art of being fully present. She lived in the moment and embrace all that moment brought her. Lucy has shown us joy is always possible. Right now we are grieving, but we are also grateful and will trust, the way Lucy has taught us, that we will be okay again. Thank you, our Lucy girl, we will love you for eternity as you rest in the sky with diamonds.
Eleanor on your left, Lucy on your right.