“Luke” Fry

Luke was a gentle giant. When he came to me, his forever home, he
weighted 120 pounds. He loved everything and everybody. He loved going
to the dog park and would go from person to person asking for bun rubs,
and would march or dance is hind legs when you rubbed his buns. He got
along with all of the dogs and loved to romp and play. Luke was my
constant loving companion, a fierce guard and a huge presence in our
house. He was very well loved and spoiled, as it should be with all
dogs. We miss him more than words can express. and will love him and
keep him in our heart forever.
Luke was born August 18, 2003 and passed on December 10, 2016.
I hope to see you again some day. Watch for me big boy, I will follow
you someday and I will look for you.