“Luna Gomez”

“Today is one of the hardest days a dog mom has to go through. Having to push through… Luna came into our lives on April 1, 2010, just a few days shy of her third month of life. She was the cutest little pup who instantly gave son her belly when we met. We have had the privilege and honor of having Luna as a member of our little family for over 12 beautiful years. Always being a constant in our lives. She stood steady by my son’s side while he grew up. She was his biggest cheerleader and never gave up trying to be his team mascot by jumping in the team photos. She would watch her boy at his practice and play in games all the while soliciting pets from others in attendance and never shying away from the younger children who wanted to pet her. The Lunes was my rock. Ready to give me an extra snuggle when my son went a away for high school and when he moved out on his own for the first time. Luna was always ready for a walk, a quick trip to the store, or just to accompany me while we did yard work, shoveled snow, or take out the trash. In August 2020, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The vets told me she would likely have 6 months. Luna said F-that! She had things to do. She was there to add Neo our new pup to our pack and was a wonderful big sister to him. She was there with him to chase each other, and play tug of war, and eventually, she let him snuggle with her (just not too much). She also was able to show my son’s cat the ropes around the house but mostly just give him her side-eye. I often imagined her just shaking her head at him and the pup running around the house, causing a ruckus, as she laid back and rested. Luna, my Angelface is no longer in pain, no longer needs her medication or the many trips to the specialist office. She is now pain-free, free to chase birds and bunnies out of her way as she walks and runs freely wherever her little angel wings will take her. I know it was hard, and I am ever so grateful for her strength and determination as she held on as long as she did. Luna has forever changed our lives by giving her love, loyalty, and howls when the mood struck. I will miss her snuggles, face, smile, wagging tail, and her little howl she would give to me as I would get out of bed in the morning. Luna, you are my favorite, and I will always love you more! You are gone from this world but never forgotten. I love you, my sweet girl.”