“Midnight was a golden retriever and border collie mix who came in to our lives at 4 months old, just shy of 14 years ago. His beautiful face was so full of expression. He loved to be with us, his family, but also loved a house full of company, mingling and soaking up the attention.
We loved him so deeply and made the decision to let him go when he was struggling and not able move, walk and enjoy his days without pain. The hardest decision ever to make.
Dr. Christina Kinkaide was a blessing. We spent his last day with him at home, not in a clinic. He was in his yard where he loved to run and play ball for so many years. He was surrounded by love, he heard us praise him, cry for losing him and be grateful for having him in our lives. Dr. Kinkaide was kind and generous with her time, not rushing, allowing us to be with Middy, close to hold and support him, he wasn’t alone. Thank you for all your support Dr. Christina Kincaide, again, you are a blessing?”