July 11, 2004 – September 1, 2018
Our beloved Nicky left this world for the next at home in his Mommy’s arms with Daddy alongside stroking him and saying some of the things he heard so many times in his wonderful 14-year life (“Such a beautiful boy…My Prince…Good job Nick…Way to go buddy…etc.”). Such a gentle, sweet, nurturing soul with so much love to give and so many nicknames– Nickerdoodle, Nickety Snickety, Nicker Nacker Snicker Snacker. Our hearts are broken but we take solace in the peaceful way he departed and the knowledge that he was spared a lot of suffering. We will be forever grateful that we discovered the “Pet Loss at Home” website and to Dr. Rachel Thauberger for her gentle help in sending Nicky on his heavenly journey.