Thank you so much for bringing Dr. Soliman into our lives. Our 12 year old cat OC was dying of jaw cancer. We didn’t want him to die suffering but knew he wouldn’t like the trip to the vet or getting a catheter inserted awake. This was perfect. I called the morning that OC finally couldn’t get food in anymore–up to then he was still enjoying his naps and cuddles and snacks–and in 3 hours Dr. Soliman was there to sedate him deeply with just a little needle stick under the shoulder skin and then about 10 minutes later OC was gone, totally peacefully, with the euthanasia cocktail thru a needle he wasn’t aware of in a big leg vein. Dr. Soliman brought OC’s ashes and paw print back promptly and we are so happy with how this all worked out for OC and for us.
Thank you, Dr. Soliman and Pet Loss at Home!