“I want to mention the wonderful vet, Gail Larson, who came to the cottage to release Peanut from this life. She was so nurturing and responsive to my pain. When I waffled on following through, she gently said that she could come back in a few days. Peanut was just lounging on my lap basking in the morning sunlight purring. She administered the sedative shot and he didn’t even flinch. Five minutes or so later, his body completely relaxed. The second shot took all of three seconds and he was gone.
This vet then brought in a little lacy cat bed with a blue blanket in it, lifted him in, and pulled the cover up to his chin. The whole experience was so peaceful, quiet, and embracing.
I want to give you her name for when the time comes for your beloved dog or cat. After this experience, I cannot imagine a sweeter goodbye.”