In 2015, I was preparing to move into my first apartment alone. A small white cat kept showing up and jumping into my car as I tried to leave. It turned out that a neighbor had been leaving the cat outside because they no longer wanted him. I told myself that if he showed up again the last time I left, I would take him with me…and he did. We hopped into my car like a couple of fugitives and never looked back. I only had $20 to last me a week after moving expenses, which I had planned to use for a six pack of fancy beer. Instead I spent it on food, litter, and a toy for him. It took me a few days to come up with a name: Regulus, like the star…the heart of the lion. For the last five years he has been my best friend. In 2017 I adopted a little sister for him, Dolly Pawton. Regulus was with me through four moves, my deepest depressions, and my most joyous celebrations. Last fall we found out he had chronic kidney disease – something that he had either been hiding very well or that had come on suddenly. After a long hospital stay, he miraculously bounced back and we had nearly one more wonderful year together. I lost a part of me today when we said goodbye. He will be missed by so many, but most heavily by his sister and me. The thing I will miss the most is feeling him climb onto my bed in the morning and rub his cheek against my hand as he laid down next to me. I love you Reg. I’m so glad you are at peace now. I’ll see you again someday.