After nearly 15 years of being a loyal companion and fierce protector, my precious girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and it hurts. Rieley had been by my side since she was 12 weeks old. Together, we lived in several places. Went through a divorce together. (After that she vetted my boyfriends!) We found love again together. She wasn’t a dog that liked to cuddle, but she always knew when I needed a good cry. She would lean against me and stay with me until I was done. If you were scratching her and she wanted you to scratch somewhere else, she’d maneuver around until she had you where she wanted you. She loved grapes, ice cubes and Frosty Paws. She hated getting her paws wet and being in a room with a closed door. She knew her commands and knew that momma meant it when I said, “No.” (But she quickly leaned she could manipulate her papa with her big, brown eyes!) She protected me and watched over me, even as arthritis wrecked her joints. Now, you job on Earth is done baby girl. Rest in peace, my pumpkin. Momma loves you and misses you.