I’m heartsick to have to write that we had to let our sweet Rory go. Her osteosarcoma had grown larger than a baseball very rapidly. She was doing really well on pain meds….until suddenly she wasn’t and overnight could no longer walk. Even her good back leg wasn’t functioning well at the end. But she had time to lay out in the sun in the yard and when the vet came our sweet girl dragged herself over (against our objections) to shower the vet in kisses. Never complained, never whimpered or groaned…just wanted lovin’ and pets…strong and sweet until the end.

It’s been so hard without her around already…we took for granted how often she would make us smile or comfort us on a daily basis. Always laying just around the corner with us in her sight. She allowed us to meet so many new people that we otherwise wouldn’t know and ignited an interest and love for the breed. I think it has something to do with their soulful eyes…but there really is something about a Wolfhound that makes their bond special, and parting especially hard. But it was her time and she let us know. Run free sweet Rory..Opa will give you all the cookies you want in heaven.