“Sneaky Pete”

Our hearts are broken, and our lives forever changed. It has taken me a few days to be able to write about this without breaking down.😢🐾 On Sunday, October 9th at 4:30pm on his favorite blanket in our backyard with the sun shining☀️ on him and us holding him (his favorite place to be), our sweetest boy in the world Sneaky Pete gained his Angel wings to Heaven🤍. He was so tired of struggling and we told him it was ok to let go now. It really wasn’t ok for us though – we were not prepared for heart wrenching pain him taking his last breath would bring. There is such an emptiness in our hearts and our home. We are just lost without him. It’s all the little things that remind us he is not physically here anymore. Walking in the house and not being licked, not having our feet licked at night (he loved to lick – everything and everyone), peeling cucumbers and not having him right there waiting for the first piece (this was one of his favorite snacks), watching Esther Grace trying to rub on him all the time, turning the heated blanket on in your bed and watching Jadie Bug try to quietly creep in and snuggle up next to him to keep warm, and he loved every second of it all. He was so happy just to be with you – he was with us through so many of life’s ups and downs, laughter and tears, heartache, moves, traveling, grief, joy…. he was the one constant reminder of what was truly important in life – unconditional love and enjoying the simple things.
We are so blessed that he had many of his beloved family able to come and say goodbye to him, snuggle him, tell him what a good boy he was and how much he was loved, and stroke his still so soft fur. Logan said he wished Peter could start over and be a puppy again, little David said that he was just ready to go to Heaven, Zoe wished he could live forever🌈 and Nolan we are so glad you got to spend that week with him. Jasmine, Steven and Jacob he has been your sneaky brother for 15 years❤️ and Jacob you are the one who made the last 15 years possible by picking him out of all the dogs at Safe Harbor Humane Society🐾💕and we are so very thankful because his presence in our lives was a gift from God.
We forget all the naughty things he did as a puppy because of all the love, companionship and grace he showed us and every person who entered our home over the years – this more than made up for any chewed-up couches, carpets, shoes or other shenanigans he pulled as a youngster. He survived mange as a puppy, had a lifetime of thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, two knee replacements, countless torn dew claws, plenty of things eaten that should not have been like the three sticks of butter he grabbed off the counter that caused pancreatitis or the dead fish carcasses he would try to eat on our walks at the Sand Dunes. Oh our sweet Sneaky Peter Pan, Gilley Boy we would give anything in the world to have one more day, one more hour, one more minute to snuggle you but we know you had to leave us for now. You were truly the kindest, most loving, gentle soul to everyone and every animal you met.
Until we meet again buddy – we love you mucha mucha Sneaky Pete❤️🖤💔🖤❤️