“Sugar” Chinchilla

“Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend… Never owned a dog”
-Author unknown

It all began 8 thanksgivings ago, fighting for her life, Sugar was seen running on a road in Palm Springs. She got picked up and rescued from a life of abuse and neglect. That afternoon is when I met this lovable angel whom I instantly fell in love with. The bond was mutual and she chose me and my family to spend the spend the rest of her life with.

This pibble has, in all ways withstood all of her breed’s stereotypes and was grateful of her given opportunity for a second chance. When bringing Suggs home she completely changed my life and in that moment I began my journey towards rescuing all the dogs I was able to. Finding animals loving and forever homes has been a hobby I will always continue to do. Throughout her life Sugar was the happiest of dogs. Her favorite hobbies were sunbathing, fetching toys, swimming at the beach and wrestling with her canine siblings at home, while still keeping them all on check when they would misbehave. I am so thankful to have been able to spend these last 8 AMAZING years with her, she had left her imprint in my heart and I will forever love her. I will miss her everyday, from her silly playful and stubborn moments to her loving cuddles that kept me warm oh so many times, I will even miss her loud snores and her stinky farts. She truly had a one of a kind personality that everyone enjoyed and loved.

Unfortunately, cancer is what came in the way of our time together. My darling Sugar went to sleep on a last night (12/01/15) and woke up in doggie heaven where she will be able play and run around all she wants. Mommy will always love you, till we see each other again my love, xo.