“SURREY” — A TRUE ADVENTURE DOG [Feb 2007- May 2017]

In the Sonoran Desert near the base of the Arizona San Tan Mountains, a true adventure dog was born. Surrey (named after her human’s previous home-county in England) and her human enjoyed over 5,000 miles of runs, plus countless trails throughout the American southwest. She explored Native American ruins, rocky canyons, aspen forests, flowery meadows, snowy hikes in Flagstaff, rocky and sandy trails in the Grand Canyon and Sedona, then explored high and low grounds outside of Tucson. She loved car rides because they always meant adventure was coming! While Surrey was a true “adventure dog” and lived for the trail, she was also happy to be home to relax and watch TV, do tricks for her human including a spinning “dance,” perform left and right (paw)hand-shakes, and even had a tendency to “clean” her feet after being outside. Perhaps she learned from her feline friends.

In Surrey’s senior years, she and her human enjoyed many amazing years living on a ranch property in Sonoma County, where she also befriended a fellow Golden Retriever named “Bianca.” Upon meeting each other, the two were inseparable. Surrey loved her family, still enjoying many walks, trips to her favorite fur-groomers, sandy beaches, and even up to North Lake Tahoe for fun in the snow. When Bianca passed away, Surrey was also getting older and gray. Two months later, Surrey joined Bianca over Rainbow Bridge, where they will play and run together, forever.

For the many people who knew Surrey, they thank her for all the wonderful memories and amazing adventures. She will be dearly missed, especially her loving and adoring human.