“Texas” McMillan

Texas passed into memory on 12/13/15.

Unconditional love grew from his spirit.  He would trail my mother
around the house with a joy that no one understood..

On days when any of us were upset and others wanted to stay away, he
would still come and sloppily lick your face as if it was the cure to
all ills.

Texas (or Tex) was not one for cuddling, but it was so much more special
when he did come and collapse by my side.

He was an avid supporter of barking for no reason and Kraft cheese
singles.  He thought peoples legs were tasty and would spend some time
licking them.  He had an odd way of showing love, but it was unique to
him.  His grunts and growls were always accompanied by kisses.  He was a
little, gruff old man with a heart of gold.

To sum Texas up, he was my best friend, and he always will be.