Grinch Smith

When you looked into my eyes and I looked into yours
You looked so deep into my soul that it would touch my heart
And it made me tell you every day – I Love You the Most

Waiting for me by the window – I arrive – you lick the glass
You were warming up to kiss me when I walked through the door
Then you would lick me over and over saying – I Love You the Most

Sitting down and staring at me every single morning
Telling me you need another treat and you need it now
The other dogs can’t make me do it – Cuz I Loved You the Most

Going potty in the house or keeping me up half the night
Tearing up my calendar you took right off my desk
You did no wrong in my eyes because – I Loved You the Most

Together we would sit outside and watch the boats go by
You sitting on my lap with your paws upon the deck
I didn’t care you ruined my tan – I Loved You the Most

The pain has finally softened and the tears of loss are less
I still look for you in the window and see an empty bed
Instead of feeling empty I am trying to feel the joy —
A Phenomenon of how it was to Love You the Most