“Willow Jane” Beeman

Our beloved Willow Jane Beeman left us on 5/22/16.  After 13 years of being our Pretty Girl and also our Thud Muffin (she tended to hit the floor loudly when she landed), much beloved and adoring of us in return, we like to think of her journeying to a place beyond that is as peaceful and loving as the home she left behind.  We miss her every day and in every way – she’ll be in our hearts always.

We’d like to thank PetLossAtHome.com for providing us with such a wonderful, caring, and comforting vet, Dr. Tamara Smith.  She came quickly to our home and made the process so much better than it would have otherwise been in a clinic where Willow would have been anxious and scared.
Brooke & David Beeman