To my baby Zaida: Do you remember when I picked you out of other cats? I went looking for a certain kind, one when I was young. I saw you but passed by you because I was looking for my old cat growing up that had passed away. I visited many cats at the humane Society, but, I didn’t feel a total connection. I was about to walk out, called my boyfriend, you remember him…he loved you. I told him that I didn’t find the right Cat. Then I hung up the phone and something made me go back, just to check one more time. I saw you again sweet Zaida curled up in a ball. I asked if they would bring you in the visiting room. You came in and ran up on the bench and gave me kisses on my nose. I told them…I want her! You were only a year old and a drop off. I always wonder what the first year of you life was like. You were guarded a little at first but, then you just loved everyone. You were always sooo sweet and gentle to anyone that came across your path. I will love you and miss you forever my sweet Zaida! Zaida Betta bugs, bugsy…Momma’s here!!! I will always miss you and celebrate your life by being so blessed to be your Momma. Thanks Baby for choosing me. We chose each other! Kisses Angel!