I lost my first and only son . It was too soon to leave me for we never got to make the memories we deserved. I see your face every minute looking at me and I can’t even hold you to say I love you. You gave me purpose to live . You became my therapeutic companion who eased my PTSD , anxiety and depression. You didn’t judge me for being sad or moody. I believe you deserve a respectful military tribute/ burial since you became and were a part of my life, as a 100% Disabled Veteran. You did more good than i have ever received medically to try to keep my panics and nightmares at bay. The day I picked you up was the first day of my life. Now you are gone and I am alone and scared. Even though I was N RN I couldn’t recognize You’re acute kidney disease that took your life almost instantly. I couldn’t even help you until the end when it was too late. My purpose is lost as it was before we found each other. Zeus I was so proud to be your mother. Please visit me so I know you are still there guiding me and that I have an ear to talk to .No one knew what huge positive influence you had in my health. You saved my life multiple times because I knew I had to stay around to take care of you.