Eastern Bay Area: (Alameda, Napa, Contra Costa and Solano Counties)

Losing a pet is one of life’s hardest events. Let us help.

We, unfortunately, do NOT have Veterinary help in Napa, Solano, and parts of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties.

What does Pet Loss at Home offer?

We offer end of life care for your pet using a network of professional, compassionate, and caring veterinarians.  Please call 877-219-4811, then enter your ZIP cost…texting or email is preferred.

What are the costs?

Euthanasia only:  Home Burial or Pet Cemetery

  • $500 – $600 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia.  (This option would be for home burial or a pet cemetery.)

Communal or Group Cremation with no ashes returned

  • $700 – $800 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, group cremation, nothing saved, nothing returned (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save precious photos instead of ashes.)

Private or Individual Cremation with ashes returned

  • $900 – $1,000 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, private cremation, ashes saved, ashes returned via personal delivery for certain locations (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save/return the ashes.).

Additional services by a trained Veterinarian

  • Scheduled appointments are BEST to ensure availability but we can handle emergency mobile vet care as well at times.
  • Private Home Euthanasia with Relaxing Sedation
  • Help with the Euthanasia Decision 
  • Quality of Life Discussions
  • Signs of Suffering Information
  • Clay Paw Print Impressions
  • Cremation Transport
  • Grief Support Resources
  • Emergency Mobile Veterinary Care, at times

What should I expect?

When you call Pet Loss at Home, we will help guide you through this difficult time because we care.  If you use the contact form, we’ll contact you right away to help guide you.  Above all, we want you to be treated with dignity and respect as we guide you through the process of saying goodbye.

We know this is a very difficult time during your pet’s end-of-life because of illness or old age.  Signs of suffering, quality of life, and many more topics are questions that our veterinarians have answers for so you can prepare.  Please let us help.  We are here for you with kind compassion.

More Questions?  Help others too.

Having trouble finding more information?  Check out our FAQ section for answers.  We also have vets in the top 50 metro areas across the country to help family and friends with pets, if needed.  Click Here for Map

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No words can explain the loss we feel without you around.  You were a huge part of our daily lives.  You wake us up in the morning especially if we sleep in.  You greet us happily each and every time no matter how we look, smell or feel.  You know when we’re sad and you lick away our tears.  You’ve seen the bad times and you were a part of all the good times.  You will always be our 80-pound lap dog and king of the couch cuddles!  Our hearts are broken and what keeps us going is the thought that you are no longer in pain.  WE LOVE YOUR FOREVER, MOMO!  We will never forget you.  Thank you for coming into our lives.

San Francisco, California

We said goodbye to our best buddy Merphi last week. We are very grateful Merphi was a part of our family for 15 years, he brought us so much joy and support through many life phases. We are thankful to Dr. Liu to allow us to say goodbye to Merphi in the comfort of our home. Her calm compassionate nature helped us through this sad time and Merphi went peacefully. We love you Merphi.

San Francisco, California

This morning we came to the realization that our boy was in distress and needed assistance quickly. I found Pet Loss At Home and within two hours Dr. Liu was at our home. She is the most caring and compassionate person I could’ve wanted to help us. Dr. Liu explained everything she would be doing and was wonderful with our children going out of her way to get them fur clippings and a clay paw print. When you go through something like this, it makes all the difference in the world to have someone there who has a heart. Thank you so much Dr. Liu.

San Francisco, California

We are so thankful to have had Dr. Liu’s help in saying goodbye to our beloved little dog. With her very kind, very calm and patient, and very competent assistance, his passing was incredibly gentle and peaceful. It was the absolute best we could have hoped for in such difficult circumstances and for that we are so grateful.

San Francisco, California

Dr Allegra Liu has helped us say tearful goodbyes to two of our beloved pets. One was a 16 year old Golden Retriever who just wore out. The other was a mutt who was 17 and appeared to have dementia and anxiety. My vet was on vacation so I was not able to discuss what was going on with him yet Dr. Allegra Liu called me back and spent 20 minutes on the phone with me sharing her knowledge. She also fit me in on a day I had scheduled for her to come yet had cancelled. She is so compassionate and such a soft voice and touch with the animals.Since these animals had given us joy for so many years I did not want to stress them out with a trip to the vet and have chosen to have them put down in our home. She is the best and I would highly recommend her and these services.

Julia Boyle

San Francisco, California

Anyone that loves animals knows that one of the hardest things you ever have to do is to end your pet’s suffering.  I just had to do that for my cat Bandit who I only had for 10 years.  I adopted him and his brother Smokey when they were kittens from a rescue site and Smokey got cancer last year and I had to end his suffering in August 2017.  Now, not even a year later Bandit got sick with some “idiopathic” illness that was causing his lungs to fill up with fluid.  4 different vets could not figure out how to fix it so after several procedures of draining his lungs I decided to end his suffering.  Being a single person and living alone, it was one of the hardest things to decide because he was my buddy and always knew when I needed comforting but I know he is not suffering anymore and is at peace now.  Dr. Liu was excellent.  She came to the house and was very compassionate and calm and let me spend as much time as I needed with Bandit before she took him.  We all know that we will probably outlive our pets and when they pass it is always heart breaking but I also can’t imagine life without them.  I look forward to seeing all my pets someday at the Rainbow Bridge!

San Francisco, California

Good morning.  Thank you so much, I am so glad we made the right decision it is still hard and will be for some time, when you open the door we expect him to be there to greet us, but time will heal, you were so sweet and understanding and it made it so much easier.   Sharon

San Francisco, California

Dr. Liu was so kind and compassionate. It was so comforting to know we could say goodbye to our darling kitty in the privacy of own home. And such prompt, comprehensive and kind services. Thank you for what you do! – Michelle

San Francisco, California

Dr. Liu came to our rescue when we realized that our large 14 year old shepherd mix , Buck, was just too anxious a dog to be put to sleep away from home at the vet.. We had made the careful plans with our vet (who we have known and loved for over a decade) and knew the time had come for our dear dog to be put to sleep. It was so stressful because when the dayvcame, he was just too anxious and uncomfortable to put in the car. Pet Loss cane through right away with Dr. Liu. She came out to our home later that day. She was gentle and patient and skillful. Buck was at ease and comfortable, and did not feel afraid or suffer at all. We are so grateful!

Thanks Dr. Liu!
Jo and Bill

San Francisco, California

Dr. Allegra Liu was calm, gentle, compassionate and excellent with this very difficult experience.  She gave us the time we needed in saying goodbye and was a comforting presence.  She also communicated in scheduling by text with quick responses which I found very helpful.

San Francisco, California