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  • Drive Time, Home Visit Time, Sedation, Euthanasia $400
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Nothing Returned ADD $200-$250
  • Body Transport, Cremation, Ashes Returned ADD $400-$450
  • Optional Clay Paw Print and/or Fur Clipping by request FREE
  • Available Emergency Mobile Vet Care, at times

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  • Our Smart 800# connects you with a mobile veterinarian in your area
  • Dr. Allegra Liu & Dr. Erica Anderson service the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area.
  • More vets and more service areas being added regularly
Location Company so Google website Veterinarian Phone
Palo Alto – S. Bay and SF Penninsula Peaceful Pathways Jenn Winnick, DVM 6503165069
Sunnyvale – S. Bay Restful Paws Louise Rathjen, DVM 4082422792
Tri-Valley East Bay Marlene Martin, DVM Marlene Martin, DVM 5107411313
Tri-Valley East Bay Pets Eternal Rest Cheryl Ramos, DVM 9254085112
Entire Bay Area St. Francis Animal Hospice Amy deLorimier, DVM 6507185077
Entire Bay Area Golden Gate Hospice   4156651340
San Jose Mobile Vet Chad Alves, DVM 4086210289
San Jose   Carolyn Araiza, DVM 4085699070
Gilroy Morgan Hill San Jose   Laura Richards Simmons DVM 4088471122
Tri Valley & East Bay Heaven From Home Vanessa Wensing, DVM 9252188282
Albany Compassionate Care Cat Hospice Susan Chew, DVM 5107255206
Berkeley Bridge Veterinary Services Shea Cox, DVM 5107792744
Fairfield Visiting Vet Sybil Murray, DVM 7074393906
San Ramon Dog and Cat House Calls Tracey Williams, DVM 9257357387
San Francisco San Francisco Vet House Calls Calvin Lum, DVM 4159317384
South San Francisco Vet On Wheels Julio Bolivar, DVM 6508735817
Novato Housecall Veterinarian Debra Scheenstra, DVM 4158931554
Hercules Rainbow Bridge Vet Service/Lap of Love Anthony Smith, DVM 5103813389
San Francisco Bay Area Veterinary Housecalls Brian VanHorn, DVM 4159634189
East Bay   Ray Asta, DVM 9259325666
East Bay   David Bennett, DVM 5107587921
East Bay   Lori Carpenter, DVM 9255806383
East Bay   David Grant, DVM 5104999204
East Bay   Bettina Herter, DVM 9257088207
East Bay   Brent Martin, DVM 9257452676
East Bay   Anne Reed, DVM 5105570640
North Bay   Kenneth Bacon, DVM 4154792287
North Bay   Stanley Goldfarb, DVM 4154564463
North Bay   Ken Steele, DVM 4154514838
San Fran Peninsula   Cathy Jennings, DVM 6502988508
San Fran Peninsula   Jennifer Martin, DVM 6505229838
Foster City House Calls for Pets Adam Ruskin DVM 6505735888
Half Moon Bay All Animal Mobile Vet Clinic Susan MacInnes, DVM 6507263445
San Francisco Lotus Veterinary House Calls Rachel Feigenbaum, VMD 4154845842
San Francisco Wandering Vet Housecalls Adam Behrens, DVM 4153769780
San Jose Arch Veterinary Services Tol Solomon, DVM 4082045706
Santa Cruz Gustin – Van Every Mobile Vet Christine Gustin, DVM 8313453093
Mill Valley Mill Valley Mobile Vet Cynthia Steele, DVM 4152728558
San Jose Mobile Vet Practice Judy Owens, DVM 8312479597
Sacramento   Deb Morey, DVM 9164676793
East Bay Compassion Pet Hospice Crystal Ma, DVM 5109950738
  Peace for Pets Evelyn Ivey, DVM 5102555984
South Bay & Peninsula Restful Paws   4082422792

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How To Prepare For A Home Visit With Pet Loss At Home:

  • A home visit usually lasts 60 minutes.
  • Please set aside a box of Kleenex for tears, a food distraction for dogs (ice cream, chicken, ham, cheese, peanut butter), two large bath towels that can get peed on and a very large blanket or bed sheet that the vet can keep. Please arrange for 1-2 family members or friends or neighbors to help lift the dog stretcher out to the padded bed in the vet’s vehicle.
  • Signature and payment are handled first. Cash or check (made out to the mobile vet’s name) are preferred. Credit card available with free processing.
  • The goodbye setting can involve friends, family, neighbors, Skype, FaceTime, other pets, candles, quiet music, dim lighting, flowers, photos, telling stories, sharing fond memories, kleenex and towels/soft blankets/pillows. Most home visits take place inside the home on the floor, couch, or bed or in the yard on blankets. Meeting at a beach or park is an option.
  • The most painLESS euthanasia method requires sedation first using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location. Don’t ever let your pet be catheterized or euthanized without sedation first. Sedation completely eliminates and avoids a painful vein failure nightmare.
  • The euthanasia process works as a massive anesthesia overdose and is started with a sedative injection. Most pets hold still for this administration, some squirm a little, some vocalize from the pressure of liquid going under the skin. A food distraction can work very well here for some dogs (ice cream, chicken, ham, cheese, peanut butter) and even cats (milk, tuna). If you are worried about your pet’s sensitive personality, chronic pain overload or unstable failing medical condition, the vet can discuss that with you.
  • Once your pet is unconscious and under anesthesia, then a back leg vein is used for the final overdose. Accomplishing unconscious anesthesia first guarantees that your pet will not feel or experience or know about any painful vein issue. Please be aware that open eyes and quicker breathing are normal to see at death.
  • Please request a clay paw print and/or fur clipping if desired. Those keepsakes are free and optional.
  • You can keep your pet’s body at home with you or the vet can take the body and arrange for cremation service. The vet’s vehicle has a large padded bed in the back and comes equipped with a stretcher. Please arrange for 2 – 4 family members or friends or neighbors to help lift the stretcher. There are two options for cremation: group/no ashes saved OR private/yes ashes saved/returned to you via personal delivery or shipping. Return usually takes 1-2 weeks. Rush cremation/return can be arranged. You can also attend/view the cremation.
  • There are issues to be aware of that are out of our control when it comes to working with elderly animals that are riddled with failing body parts. Cats are often more difficult to work with by nature than dogs. When it comes to the sedative injection, many cats are reactive and not the most cooperative by nature. Using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location is very helpful but not a guarantee that the sedation injection with go perfectly smoothly. Because every pet we are working with is overwhelmed with old age deterioration, debilitation, failure, and often cancer, it’s not uncommon to see some more dramatic body reactions while the failing body attempts to process the sedative drugs. For example, a seizure can occur when cancer has spread to the brain, muscle tensing or tremors or twitching can occur when blood salt levels are unbalanced, and quicker breathing or vomiting can occur as well. The vet’s explanations during the home visit will help prepare you for what is going to happen. It’s very important that we manage your expectations of what is medically realistic when working with a failing pet’s painful and debilitated body. Keep in mind, we are doing everything medically available to minimize pain and maximize peace by sedating first using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location. Most euthanasias are relaxed, quiet, peaceful fading. Some involve more dramatic body reactions because the body is in such unstable failure from old age and cancer.


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Pet Loss at Home San Francisco
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Rob Twyning on Pet Loss at Home San Francisco
Bella - The Best Farewell Possible

We engaged Dr. Allegra Liu of Pet Loss At Home to say our final goodbye to our beloved dog Bella. It was one of the most heartfelt moments of my life, surrounded by those who cared the most for Bella, and being in the comfort of the home she had known her entire life. The kind, gentle and calm approach provided by Dr. Liu allowed us to be fully present for Bella, something that has never been the case when saying goodbye to a dear loved one in a busy Vet clinic. I was struck by the way Dr. Liu gave us the time and space to say our goodbyes, both before and after. She also shared insight on how our other pet might best be able to know and accept what was happening. In addition, she was able to respond the very day we contacted her, and also checked in with me afterwards. I know that I gave Bella the best farewell possible, by saying goodbye to her here at home. Thank you so much Dr. Liu and Pet Loss At Home.

by Ben Bergren on Pet Loss at Home San Francisco
Kind words on losing our pet

We are so thankful for Dr. Allegra coming to our home last night and helping us do the most painful thing we have ever done. Dr. Allegra was kind, compassionate and more than willing to answer all our questions. She gave us our space to grieve and say goodbye. Thank you "Pet Loss at Home." We wouldn't hesitate to call on you again if we need your help.

Thank you,
Ben Bergren

by Lee Ann on Pet Loss at Home San Francisco
Great review: Dr. Allegra Liu

Two years ago, Dr. Liu helped my sweet cat, Chloe, end her suffering. I was so sad but Dr. Liu's gentle and kind approach made her passing a calm and respectful time. Recently my beloved 19 year old cat, Lucy, reached her time. I hoped Dr. Liu would be available and she was. She returned my voicemail within 30 minutes and we talked through Lucy's condition. When she arrived she was gentle and kind as we prepared for Lucy's passing and softly shared each step as it was happening. I was very emotional and Dr. Liu was extremely kind and patient with me as well. I'm very grateful for her help. She understood how painful it was for me to to lose my dear cats and honored the bond I had with them.

Thank you so much,
Lee Ann


Dr Liu was so kind and compassionate. It was so comforting to know we could say goodbye to our darling kitty in the privacy of own home. And such prompt, comprehensive and kind services. Thank you for what you do!    – Michelle

Good morning.  Thank you so much, I am so glad we made the right decision it is still hard and will be for some time, when you open the door we expect him to be there to greet us, but time will heal, you were so sweet and understanding and it made it so much easier.   Sharon

Anyone that loves animals knows that one of the hardest things you ever have to do is to end your pet’s suffering.  I just had to do that for my cat Bandit who I only had for 10 years.  I adopted him and his brother Smokey when they were kittens from a rescue site and Smokey got cancer last year and I had to end his suffering in August 2017.  Now, not even a year later Bandit got sick with some “idiopathic” illness that was causing his lungs to fill up with fluid.  4 different vets could not figure out how to fix it so after several procedures of draining his lungs I decided to end his suffering.  Being a single person and living alone, it was one of the hardest things to decide because he was my buddy and always knew when I needed comforting but I know he is not suffering anymore and is at peace now.  Dr. Liu was excellent.  She came to the house and was very compassionate and calm and let me spend as much time as I needed with Bandit before she took him.  We all know that we will probably outlive our pets and when they pass it is always heart breaking but I also can’t imagine life without them.  I look forward to seeing all my pets someday at the Rainbow Bridge!

Dr Allegra Liu has helped us say tearful goodbyes to two of our beloved pets. One was a 16 year old Golden Retriever who just wore out. The other was a mutt who was 17 and appeared to have dementia and anxiety. My vet was on vacation so I was not able to discuss what was going on with him yet Dr. Allegra Liu called me back and spent 20 minutes on the phone with me sharing her knowledge. She also fit me in on a day I had scheduled for her to come yet had cancelled. She is so compassionate and such a soft voice and touch with the animals.Since these animals had given us joy for so many years I did not want to stress them out with a trip to the vet and have chosen to have them put down in our home. She is the best and I would highly recommend her and these services.
Julia Boyle

We are so thankful to have had Dr. Liu’s help in saying goodbye to our beloved little dog. With her very kind, very calm and patient, and very competent assistance, his passing was incredibly gentle and peaceful. It was the absolute best we could have hoped for in such difficult circumstances and for that we are so grateful. 

San Francisco Home Pet Euthanasia

This morning we came to the realization that our boy was in distress and needed assistance quickly. I found Pet Loss At Home and within two hours Dr. Liu was at our home. She is the most caring and compassionate person I could’ve wanted to help us. Dr. Liu explained everything she would be doing and was wonderful with our children going out of her way to get them fur clippings and a clay paw print. When you go through something like this, it makes all the difference in the world to have someone there who has a heart. Thank you so much Dr. Liu.

San Francisco Home Pet Euthanasia

We said goodbye to our best buddy Merphi last week. We are very grateful Merphi was a part of our family for 15 years, he brought us so much joy and support through many life phases. We are thankful to Dr. Liu to allow us to say goodbye to Merphi in the comfort of our home. Her calm compassionate nature helped us through this sad time and Merphi went peacefully. We love you Merphi.

No words can explain the loss we feel without you around.  You were a huge part of our daily lives.  You wake us up in the morning especially if we sleep in.  You greet us happily each and every time no matter how we look, smell or feel.  You know when we’re sad and you lick away our tears.  You’ve seen the bad times and you were a part of all the good times.  You will always be our 80-pound lap dog and king of the couch cuddles!  Our hearts are broken and what keeps us going is the thought that you are no longer in pain.  WE LOVE YOUR FOREVER, MOMO!  We will never forget you.  Thank you for coming into our lives.