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Dr. Carol Ong

  • Private Home Euthanasia with Relaxing Sedation
  • Help with the Euthanasia Decision 
  • Quality of Life Discussions
  • Signs of Suffering Information
  • Clay Paw Print Impressions
  • Cremation Transport
  • Grief Support Resources
  • Emergency Mobile Vet Care Available, at times


  • Cost is $300-$700 depending on body care (home burial vs. cremation)
  • Optional Clay Paw Print and/or Fur Clipping by Request FREE
  • $300-400 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia.  (You may prefer home burial or a pet cemetery.)
  • $400-500 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, euthanasia, pet body transport, group cremation, nothing saved, nothing returned.  (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save precious photos instead of ashes.)
  • $600-700 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, euthanasia, pet body transport, private cremation, ashes saved, ashes returned via personal delivery or shipping (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save/return the ashes.)
  • Scheduled appointments are BEST to ensure availability but we can handle emergency mobile vet care as well at times.
Local Pet Loss Support Groups:

Family, friends and society don’t always understand how drastically the loss of a pet affects us. They sometimes find it difficult to support the grief we feel. The Houston SPCA’s Pet Loss Support Group provides a safe, supportive environment where thoughts and emotions can be shared with those of similar circumstances and feelings of grief are understood and validated. Our Pet Loss Support Group is facilitated by Kevin A. Lofton, NCC, LPC a licensed professional counselor specializing in grief, loss and crisis counseling and meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the conference room at the shelter, 900 Portway Drive, Houston, TX 77024.

Pet Loss Support Group at Animal Emergency Hospital Southeast, 10331 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034, (713) 941-8460

Pet Loss Grief Counselors:

Humble: Sinead Lancaster LMSW, ACP, LMFT, 1016 N. Houston Ave., Ste. A, Humble, TX 77338, (713) 268-6734, http://www.sineadlancaster.com/

Houston: Pet Bereavement Counseling Services
Address: 2400 Westheimer, Suite 209W, Houston, TX 77098
Phone: (713) 522-8344
Contact: Lynn Davidson, M.Ed., L.P.C.
Lynn Davidson, M.Ed. L.P.C., founder of Pet Bereavement Counseling Services, has been in private practice since 1986 offering comfort and support to individuals, families and groups whose lives have been altered due the death of a pet. Lynn works with veterinarians, humane organizations and animal control facilities throughout the country providing consultations, workshops and educational seminars.

National Pet Loss Counselor via Phone/Skype/Video Call

Lawrence Kaufman, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)
Pet Loss and Grief Counselor

Toll free: 855-PET-LOSS
National: 855-738-5677
Local: 561-498-2200

7301 W Palmetto Park Road, Ste. 201 A
Boca Raton FL 33433-3456



My best friend, my funniest little girl and my sweetest little lover was this Millie girl. She will always be my “Mill-Bill.” After her third seizure, she couldn’t walk or shake off the pain anymore. Dr. Ong helped make this a comfortable time to say good bye and let me hold my little girl until all of the suffering and complications of old age freed my old friend’s body forever. Thank you Dr. Ong for helping my Millie leave this earth in peace, and for helping me through a very difficult time. With your help, I was able to say goodbye and know that I had made the right decision for my Mill-Bill.

Sincerely, Liz Bond

Houston, Texas

Our pet had been ill and we were trying to give her every chance to get better. Suddenly this Monday we could tell it was time. We contacted two of the major vets here in Houston that do home euthanasia , but they were busy. We got a referral to Dr. Ong. On a moment’s notice Dr. Ong made an appointment to see us. Unbelievably, while talking to Dr. Ong our pet passed away. Dr. Ong’s availability and compassion were a great comfort. Thanks again for being there Dr. Ong.

Houston, Texas