Dr. Phil Whisnand and Dr. Kenny Brown1-Hour radius of entire Greater San Antonio area

Losing a pet is one of life’s hardest events. Let us help.

We are a Team helping the suburbs of San Antonio with pet euthanasia in the comfort of home.

What does Pet Loss at Home offer?

We offer end of life care for your pet using a network of professional, compassionate, and caring veterinarians.

What are the costs?

Euthanasia only:  Home Burial or Pet Cemetery

  • $300 – $400 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia.  (This option would be for home burial or a pet cemetery.)

Communal or Group Cremation with no ashes returned

  • $400 – $500 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, group cremation, nothing saved, nothing returned (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save precious photos instead of ashes.)

Private or Individual Cremation with ashes returned

  • $600 – $700 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, private cremation, ashes saved, ashes returned via personal delivery for certain locations (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save/return the ashes.).

Additional services by a trained Veterinarian

  • Scheduled appointments are BEST to ensure availability but we can handle emergency mobile vet care as well at times.
  • Private Home Euthanasia with Relaxing Sedation
  • Help with the Euthanasia Decision 
  • Quality of Life Discussions
  • Signs of Suffering Information
  • Clay Paw Print Impressions
  • Cremation Transport
  • Grief Support Resources
  • Emergency Mobile Veterinary Care, at times

What should I expect?

When you call Pet Loss at Home, we will help guide you through this difficult time because we care.  If you use the contact form, we’ll contact you right away to help guide you.  Above all, we want you to be treated with dignity and respect as we guide you through the process of saying goodbye.

Dr. Phil Whisnand helps with pet dog cat euthanasia Austin

Dr. Phil Whisnand

We know this is a very difficult time during your pet’s end-of-life because of illness or old age.  Signs of suffering, quality of life, and many more topics are questions that our veterinarians have answers for so you can prepare.  Please let us help.  We are here for you with kind compassion.

More Questions?  Help others too.

Having trouble finding more information?  Check out our FAQ section for answers.  We also have vets in the top 50 metro areas across the country to help family and friends with pets, if needed.  Click Here for Map

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I just wanted to let you know through your website / service we just put our dog to rest. Dr. Whisnand came to our house this afternoon and was just a wonderful person. He talked us through what was going to happen and very much put us at ease. He discussed what then would happen to our dog once he left us and where he would take him for the cremation. He addressed our concern without us even asking as far as the respect of his body and that we would receive his ashes. That was HUGE for us. We knew immediately he was a good man and truly cared about the service he was performing. He made a very difficult time much easier. We greatly appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness and the service he provided at our home.

San Antonio, Texas

Letting you go is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. This morning, as your favorite meal is slowly cooking, I have to accept this is the last time I’ll feel your little, warm, furry body, laying beside me. I’m sorry, I couldn’t bare to see you suffer any longer. You’ve been more than a friend, you’ve been my constant for almost half the years I’ve walked this earth. You were there to comfort me in the toughest years of my life and were witness to the brightest. You saw the beginnings of a relationship slowly turn into marriage and you became the eldest brother to my children. Thank you Travis for teaching me that unconditional love can come in all shapes and forms. Go in peace, go with dignity; I will always love you my Travee poo, my chiclé, my good little doggie, my good boy.
Thank you, Pet Loss at Home’s Dr.Whisnand and for your very thoughtful prayer.

San Antonio, Texas

Thanks to Dr. Phil Whisnand with Pet Loss At Home Euthanasia Vet Service, we were able to say goodbye to our beloved Honey at home in our backyard. She listened to the birds singing and then peacefully closed her eyes.

San Antonio, Texas