Testimonials to help share others’ experiences

Yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to our 12 year old girl Sophie. The service provided by Pet Loss at Home is a godsend. The hardest part of it all was me making the decision, she could no longer get up. So much hoping and second guessing on what to do. The only part of this painful process that was clear was to have it done in the peaceful, quiet, family surrounding and not dragged to a vet’s office in pain. Dr. Monique Lewison’s visit to our house was calm, reassuring and the most dignified end to my baby Sophie’s suffering. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

Chicago, Illinois

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Dr. Lisa Kidby. You were so wonderful in a time of heart break for me. Thank you for taking to time to talk me through every step and giving me time to be ready. Chewbacca was so stubborn and I know that he would have fought to stay with us long into his own pain. You were not only patient with Chewbacca but with me as well. Allowing our cat a moment to say goodbye and know her dog was gone was a gift I cannot explain so I will just say thank you and trust you know how deeply it come from. Your compassion gave me a comfort I did not know I could feel tonight. You not only gave Chewy peace, you gave me peace as well. Your sincere words and calming presence were incredible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Portland, Oregon

I am so sorry this took so long to write but we have been grieving for my sweet Molly (a Great Dane) since December. I would personally like to thank Dr. Rachel Thauberger who came to my home to assist Molly in passing from this life to the Rainbow Bridge. Rachel was compassionate and comforting. Her skills were excellent. She allowed Molly to pass with the people she loved holding her….No fear just peace. She treated us and Molly with respect and support. I had had a bad incident in the past with this and Rachel assured me that it would be peaceful and she was correct. She even treated Molly with dignity after she had died. Her help was something that I couldn’t have made it thru without, again Dr. Thauberger thank you for making a very difficult situation bearable. I have no bad memories of Mollys death thanks to you only peaceful and loving thoughts. I know my girl went to God comfortably….not full of fear as in a vets office…..Thank you Dr. Thauberger you’re work is very important. I would not hesitate in thew slightest to use this service. I highly recommend it.

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Dr. Darden has one of the hardest jobs in the world. She was courteous throughout the entire process and understood from the beginning the pain our family was dealing with. We lost our 3 year old Wheaten terrier to cancer just one week after the birth of our first child. She walked us through what was going to happen and made sure it was at our pace. We received a clay imprint and even got a follow up card in the mail a week later. It’s a call no one wants to make but if the need arises to relieve your loved one of pain, Dr. Darden should be the first call. Olive went peacefully in her home surrounded by family and friends.

Atlanta, Georgia

My sister and her family are truly grateful to Dr. Alicia Darden for her kindness and professionalism. She came out on a Sunday afternoon to ease my sister’s dog out of his pain. Because poor Champ was in too much pain for us to try to move him, she performed all of her tasks in the pouring rain, in the driveway where he had collapsed that morning. Dr. Darden went above and beyond to be helpful in every way, even producing a stretcher to carry my sister’s dog to his grave near their fish pond, and helping to carry the stretcher, loaded with Champ’s 70-pound body, up concrete steps through the mud. No one in my family has ever used this sort of service before; when the time has come to euthanize a pet, we have always made a sad, and for the pet, frightening, trip to a vet’s office. My sister and I have both decided that based on our experience with Dr. Darden, we will not hesitate to recommend her, and this service, to other pet lovers who are faced with this difficult situation.

Atlanta, Georgia

It was such a relief to find your site. It was helpful as I tried to come to terms with the decision, connected me to a wonderful vet and has been helpful as I grieve. It’s obvious how much care and thought has been put into it. Thank you to you and your wife for creating such a valuable resource.

Long Island, New York

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your pets; They’re family, and life is never the same when it’s time to say goodbye. Having Dr. O’Leary come to our home to make our Maggie spend her last moments in a place she felt safe and happy, surrounded by all who loved her was such a wonderful thing to be able to give her in her last moments. Thank you for everything!

-Patrick M. and Stephanie H.

Long Island, New York

The decision to put Lola, my 13 year old pug, to sleep was very painful for me. After she began to have seizures that couldn’t be explained, I knew that euthanasia was the most loving thing that I could do for her but he thought of taking her to the vet’s office filled me with dread. I was fortunate to find your website and was connected to Dr. Donna O’Leary. I would say that she was truly professional but that wouldn’t be enough. She was so kind, compassionate and understanding that I feel went beyond professionalism. She explained what would happen both procedurally and aftercare. After we spoke, I knew I had made the right decision and was able to tell Lola I could let her go. When Dr. O’Leary arrived, her professionalism and compassion continued. She was so gentle with Lola (who took to her immediately) and she explained what would happen each step of the way. I was able to hold Lola in my arms, at home, as she passed away. I was reminded of the day I brought her home and held her for the first time and it seemed fitting that we were together at the end. Aftercare was very well managed. I received her remains a day earlier than expected and there was a card included that had all of the details. I wasn’t expecting that and it was very comforting. Thank you again.

Long Island City, New York

Dr. Roger Blankfein,
You are an ANGEL sent from heaven.
Thank you for making Molly’s transition from this world peaceful and full of love.

Albany, New York

There’s nothing easy about losing a loved one especially when you have to make the hard decision to put a loved one to sleep but I will say that Dr. Soliman made the process easier than I was expecting. I was concerned that someone who does this for a living that they may become desensitized to the whole process and this wasn’t the case at all. He was very sympathetic to the fact that we were losing a loved one and provided the space that we needed when we needed it. He understood that what we are going through was very difficult and I’m thankful that he provided this service in the comfort of our home. I’m very grateful for Pet Loss At Home and what they provide to families because I can’t imagine doing this any other way. I would like to give a big thank you to this service, I will be forever grateful.

Chelsie Martino

Irvine, California

Dr. Hani Soliman and his technician Michael helped to ease our beloved cat (Cheeks) transition from the here to the hereafter. Both were compassionate and caring to Cheeks… and were very mindful of “us” considering one is struggling and not at their best for such an event. They explained everything to us beforehand so we knew the technical aspect and what to expect. Cheeks was calm throughout – I do not believe the experience was difficult for Cheeks and I have had an encounter with an in home pet euthanasia that was. This restored my faith in in home euthanasia. Dr. Soliman and Michael did not rush… they let us dictate the time frame both before they began and after which allowed my mother to sit with Cheeks in her arms until she was truly “ready” to let go.  Ensuring her departure was indeed pain free and full of love and compassion was well worth it. I highly recommend Dr. Soliman and Michael. May God bless them for their help and guidance illuminating the way for our little loved ones over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sincerely, Tricia and Sandy

Los Angeles, California

On Friday, June 5th, representatives of Pet Loss at Home came to our home to put our 19 year old cat, Flex to sleep. We appreciate so much the good care your service provided our Felix. His death was peaceful, painless and quite. Felix always hated going to the doctors office in the carrier with all the strangers and barking dogs. We especially appreciate the doctor and Karen’s kindness to our 13 year old grandson, who wanted to be with Felix at the time of his passing. We have had many pets over the years and this our first time for using a home service. We are so grateful to have had your service during this most difficult time in our home. Sincerely, Joan and Patrick Connelly

Encino, California

We called Dr. Cionni Sunday morning and she came to our home that same afternoon. She handled the whole process with tenderness and sensitivity. While it was extremely difficult to lose our little dog of almost 15 years, we couldn’t imagine doing it any differently. Thank you to Dr. Cionni and the whole organization for providing such a wonderful service. Kirk Bristol

Draper, Utah

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the gentle care you gave my sweet Homer. I miss him terribly but know he is free from pain. Thank you for the kindness you showed me and Jack. You are truly a gift from God to take care of our precious pets (babies). Wishing you the best, Carolyn Majors

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am so grateful for Dr. Dena Long. She promptly answered my phone call, and was calm and reassuring on the phone. She answered all my questions. She was able to come the same day I called. It was such a relief to be at home with our Trinity. Dr. Long was soft-spoken, loving and explained exactly what we could expect. I am truly grateful for her and for your service.

Thank you!

Orlando, Florida

Our dog had a stroke while she was boarded and the facility had contacted us to let us know she wasn’t doing well and we should come get her if at all possible. We picked her up at 5pm and she was unable to move and had to be carried to the car. We knew her time with us was limited and that she was suffering. I did some research on putting a dog down as I’ve never been through this before. I came across your service and I’m so glad I called. Dr. Dena Long called back within an hour and was at our house, on a Sunday evening (the Sunday before school started back up no less) to help us. She was so calming and compassionate and was constantly focused on soothing our baby. The process was quick and I felt like she was at peace. I can’t express enough gratitude for Dr. Long and her professional, kind manner. My family echoes this sentiment and I’m sure if Choi was able, she would also have been happy with the way things were handled. Thank you Dr. Long!

Orlando, Florida

A special thanks to Dr. Dena Long. Yesterday I said goodbye to my friend of 16 years. My heart is heavy and full of sorrow. There are no words to express the sadness I feel. Miranda, my friend, my companion, the one whom I shared all my secrets with. I laughed with you, I cried with you and I loved you. You knew all of my faults, shortcomings and weaknesses yet you loved me unconditionally. You were there with me through the good times and the bad. You will be greatly missed. I love you. Rest in Peace Miranda (Aug 2008-Oct 2014) With her help Miranda was able to pass peacefully at home with her head in my lap. She is truly a caring and compassionate woman. Thanks for being there with me.

Orlando, Florida

I just wanted to take a minute to say how greatful I am to have found Dr. Teague.  We sadly had to put our beloved Jade down today and after a long morning of calling clinics, etc, it was stressful and he came to my home and made it so peaceful for everyone.  He was gently and didn’t seem in a hurry to just get in and get out. He let us be emotional and never made us feel rushed or anything, this was an extremely hard thing for us to do and we are so blessed it was him who came our way.  He cared and we could tell and it was so appreciated. It’s people like him that belong in the animal world! Thank you so much again Dr. Teague for making this peaceful for us and for Jade.

Denver, Colorado

At an emotional time, this service stepped up and a made very bad day a little more tolerable. Dr. Robin Teague DVM treated me with compassion & professionalism. I was allowed to be with my best friend at the end of her life. My 14 year old Rotty mix was a true friend & will be missed. I simply wanted to recommend this service; if it is time to say goodbye to your pet, it is the best way to go.

Steve Gillespie

Denver, Colorado

Dr. Teague,  You are our Pet Whisperer. You have helped us in our times of need. You came late one rainy night for our dear dog, Peaches. You helped our biggest dog Boomer along to his next journey. And now yesterday, it was Marty’s time to join his litter mates.

You are truly a blessing. You are so kind, compassionate and loving.

You take your time to be sure we all are very comfortable.

Your service to the pet world is to be commended and all praises to you and God for creating You.

Mother Nature is proud of You

We are proud of Dr. Teague.

( He would of helped us with our fourth pet but was out of town and he still kept in touch with us to make sure we were ok).

You are a part of our family always Dr Teague, and we love you!

Sally and Rob

Denver, Colorado

We want to thank Michael F. Leverone DVM for making it through a terrible thunderstorm from Maine to New Hampshire on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 5:00 PM to put our dear old Golden Retriever, Amber to rest. Dr. Leverone’s calming voice and reassurance helped all of us be so peaceful through the entire process. The storm was so bad that my husband had a difficult time digging the grave in our Own Pet resting site, that he had to use a sump pump to take the water out, but the storm continued and Dr. Leverone saw the problems we were having and offered to take our girl with him for cremation. This offer was such a relief since the entire day until he arrived was very unsettling.

This is such a fabulous service and we are thankful to have found you and Dr. Leverone!

Gina and Jeff Dimock

Middleton, New Hampshire

I just wanted to thank you for your compassion and understanding yesterday. Even though it was the hardest thing I have ever done, you helped make the transition easier. It is so nice to know there is someone like you who understands what an pet owner is going through. I can’t thank you enough. I cried most of Sunday and started out Monday pretty good, till I looked out in my back yard and my dog was not there. I miss him dearly but I know it was the right thing to do. Thanks again for your compassion towards me and him.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Our wonderful labrador retriever, Beau, was 11 1/2 when he was diagnosed with blood clots at the specialty vets in June, 2014. He refused to eat. We called Pet Loss at Home and spoke with Dr. Dale Paley. She was very compassionate, came quickly and Beau was able to die at home, peacefully. He was a wonderful dog, and certainly deserved to be at home, with those he loved and who loved him. I highly recommend this service. Your best friend deserves no less.

Wilmington, North Carolina

A special Thank You to Dr. Paley for her kindness and compassion in the process of making the hardest decision to put our girls to sleep. If there can possible be a good way to spend your last hours with your dogs, this was definitely the right way. Our Shepherds were siblings so they came into the world together and left the same way just shy of 13 yrs. Our family was able to all be there together and we held them and loved them until the last heartbeat. I wouldn’t have done wanted it any other way!!

Wilmington, North Carolina