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Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

On August 17, 2019, we had to say our final goodbyes to our forever faithful Cocker Spaniel, Rocco. At 16 1/2 years of age, he lived each day as best he could. Rocco suffered from kidney disease, high blood pressure and overall old age. Rocco gave us many years of unconditional love….It wasn’t easy to let him go, but we knew it was time. Many thanks to Dr. Shields for helping us make that final difficult decision. God Bless <3

cat euthanasia put down at home Chicago

I can’t thank Dr. Durfee enough. I called Monday morning as my cat was rapidly declining and suffering. Durfee was busy all day but he came by after he was done even though it was later. Even though I’m sure it was a long day for him he still cared to help us and do everything he could. When he arrived he was very peaceful and calm. He explained to me what to expect and everything he did was with so much care. My kitty peacefully passed away in my arms and I know with 100% certainty that this was the way to do it. Afterwards, Durfee said if I needed to talk to someone he was available. Thank you so much for your compassion and help through this difficult process.

Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

Dr Kincaide:
Today was a very hard day for us, but we will always be so appreciative of you moving your schedule and coming to our home on a Sunday so our dog wouldn’t suffer.
With all the bad news in our world thank goodness for people like you who care for our pets and us as well.
Thank you so very much,
Bonnie and Pete Lutze

Bogey Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

On Friday, September 27, our 15 year old Bogey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and he was in pain. The cancer diagnosis was heartbreaking. There was one recommended last effort which was an aggressive round of steroids. By the middle of the night we knew that was not going to work and we were going to have to say goodbye to ensure he did not suffer. Dr. Christine Scott came to the house Saturday afternoon. She was so caring and professional and talked us through the entire procedure. Bogey peacefully left this life surrounded by his family (both human and animal), which was amazing. I can’t say enough about Dr. Christine and her compassion. It was such a caring experience from start to finish and if you have to lose a pet, this is the way to do it — in a quiet environment they are loved in and not in a cold office surrounded by loud noises and fear.

Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

It’s taken me a very long time to get to writing this testimonial. I have held the most gratitude in my heart to Dr. Phil Whisnand since he came to our home. I can’t imagine any better of a situation for such a difficult time. If you have a pet that is suffering, this is 100% the way to go. So peaceful and seamless. These people really do wonderful work. Thank you a million times over and I will be using these folks in the future as our four legged friends just don’t stick around as long as we would love them to.

Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

I made the difficult decision to end my fur baby’s suffering after she was diagnosed with kidney failure on Tuesday. Alexa rapidly declined from my energetic, bubbly baby to a lethargic shell of herself. She had lost weight and stopped eating and drinking. She seemed to look into my eyes asking for help! She sensed something was wrong. I called Dr. Darden on Saturday and scheduled an appointment on Sunday. She patiently answered all my questions and explained the process. She compassionately interacted with my pet to put us all at ease. Alexa even wagged her tail at her as if she sensed she was a friend. After allowing me and my family time to spend loving on Alexa for the last time, she assisted my pet to a painfree and peaceful passage over the rainbow bridge. Though my heart is broken to end the12 years spent with my baby, I cannot say enough positive things to express my gratitude to Dr. Darden making this process more bearable. Thank you again.

Having Dr Rachel here to help my little (fur) brother Buddy be comfortable and at peace in his final time was very comforting to me and my family. We choose to have the Dr come here so Buddy was in a familiar place with his loved ones. I didn’t want my little brother to be in a hospital or with strangers when it was time, he meant more to me than that, he meant more to me and my family than I can even convey, we got him at a time of tragedy and he brought us almost 11yrs of peace and love and happiness, the joy Buddy brought my family was beyond words. I thank you Dr Rachel for helping keep Buddy comfortable, your communication was fantastic, and we thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

We want to express our gratitude to Pet Loss at Home and to Dr. Michael Leverone for being there for us when the time came for us to say goodbye to our beloved Malamute, Seneca. He was exactly the type of person we needed on Oct. 20, as he was very caring, compassionate and sympathetic to our feelings. After giving her the best life we could for almost 12 years, we were able to give her a stress free, painless release to the rainbow bridge. Although we are heartbroken at our loss, she is no longer in pain and that is our comfort. Bob& Joan from New Hampshire

Unfortunately, I have seen Dr. Tamara Smith too many times in the last several years, and I truly thank God that she has the compassion to do what she does. When I have needed her, she is there for me and my pet. She is kind, compassionate, tender hearted and sadly its never been a 9-5 timing in my pet losses. What a gift she provides. She provides us the peace we search for when we lose a family member. She sat outside on the porch at sunrise to help me save goodbye to Simon my cat, she set on the couch with me when it was time to say goodbye to my cat Thomas and tonight she sat on the floor to help me say goodbye to my big ole’ Jesse Girl. Thank you so much Dr. Smith and to the service of Pet Loss at Home.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Clayton. We had to make the worst decision of our lives the weekend of Thanksgiving and we were so blessed to have Dr. Clayton come to our home. He was the most caring ,most kind doctor you can imagine. I hope that no one ever has to face this time in their life but if you do these people are truly angels. They went above and beyond to help us and they came very promptly and with such compassion and caring we could never asked for more.
The care and respect they showed my Dozer is truely something that will help me get through is awful time.
God Bless Dr. Clayton and this organization!

We can not thank Dr. Leah Osowiecki enough. My family and I had to face the difficult decision of having to put down our 6 year old puppy. He was diagnosed with cancer in June and received chemo treatment until September when there was nothing else we were able to do besides keep him comfortable at home. Over night in November he woke up unable to walk and very weak, heartbroken, we knew what we needed to do for our dog. We found pet loss at home online and called Dr. O the day after thanksgiving and she was able to come to our house that same night. She texted me throughout the day to check in which was very reassuring. She was very caring and took the time to explain to us what had happened to our dog and how the procedure would happen after after fully examining him. She was very caring and empathetic and was very gentile with our dog. Keeping us informed of everything happening, our dog passed away very peacefully as if he had fallen asleep. We can not thank her enough for being so compassionate and caring towards our family and dog. We highly recommend this service! Thank you Dr. O!

We recently had to put our precious Lucy to sleep due to a tumor on her heart. Knowing that this tumor could rupture at any time and place Lucy in excruciating pain, we made the decision to have her euthanized at home. Dr. Rachel Thauberger was an angel sent to assist Lucy on her journey to heaven. Dr. Rachel thought of everything to make this as comfortable of an experience for Lucy as well as for my husband and me. She brought treats and pink blankets and walked us through the process in a calm and caring manner. Despite the ultimate outcome, this was a beautiful process that respected Lucy as well as us humans. We received an ink paw print from Dr. Rachel as well as a beautiful package containing Lucy’s ashes and a clay paw print. If you have to go through this, Dr. Rachel is the best, most caring and compassionate vet you could ever ask for.

When the time came, Dr. Darden and Pet Loss at Home were there for us. I had written down the names and numbers of mobile vets for the inevitable demise of our sick dog, but when we knew one evening that her time had come I was not expecting to get an appointment for a day or two. Dr. Darden was at my house within an hour.

Her gentle beside manner helped put me and my wife at ease during the difficult decision, afterwards when we said our final goodbye, and when delivering my dogs remains a week later. She is experienced and knows what you are going through, and treats your home and your dog’s memory with respect. This was my first time putting a pet down, and I couldn’t imagine how much harder it would have been without a pro like Dr. Darden guiding me.

Dr. Allegra Lui was Genuine, professional, caring with our little friend in her end -of-suffering. Highly recommend.

When it became clear that our beautiful boy Sparky was suffering with no more reasonable therapies to pursue, we knew it was time. For our own privacy and for Sparky’s well being, we search for a veterinarian who would be willing to come to our home. Our experience with Dr. Carrie Moore was exceptional. I would highly recommend her services. Dr. Moore exemplified kindness, gentleness, wisdom and professionalism. She helped all of us more than words can express. We’ll always have a positive memory of Sparky’s transition; on the deck (his favorite place) with sunshine, birdsong, and his family surrounding him.

I am forever grateful for Dr. Coon making time to come all the way to Shelton and making my geriatric kitty cat Kau’i’s passing peaceful and painless. Not only was it during this Covid 19 pandemic, it was a Saturday before Easter Sunday. Just wow. From the first phone call, she was so caring, genuine and humble. She gave us time to decide on our options. She was there for me when no one else was calling back. The actual experience was so calming and caring. She is great at what she does and has the kindest words for this hard time in your life. The clay paw print was the icing on the cake and she even left clay so I can make them for my toddler boys hands and Kau’is paw in the middle. Thank you for that. My four year old just loves it. I highly recommend Dr. Coon for at home pet loss for the peaceful passing of your pet. Thank you again. It means so much to me and to Kau’i.

After being contacted Dr. Liu came out the same afternoon to euthanize our beloved dog. She was very compassionate, understanding and caring. She gently sedated him and allowed my wife to hold him as he passed. He passed very quickly.
I would highly recommend Pet Loss at Home.
They care about the pet and the owner.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. I was heartbroken to see Dusty struggling with his health the last few months and knew last Saturday it was time to let him go. Given the Covid-19 situation I wasn’t sure what my options would be. I am so thankful I found this service to match families in need to vets who are doing this work to honor our pets lives. Dr. Teague was so kind and patient. Even though I was the last call of a long day, he never made me feel rushed and was so kind and gentle with Dusty. He just brought him home to me. The beautiful wooden box that he is packaged in and a lovely bag and kind note. It makes a heartbreaking occasion a little less sad. I feel like I was able to honor his beautiful life to the end. Thank you so much Dr. Teague.

A few months ago, Dr. Kelly Garrett helped us to bring our much loved beagle, Jamie, to his final rest. Dr. Garrett’s kind, gentle approach with Jamie gave us such comfort. We know that we did the best thing that we could for Jamie in bringing Dr. Garrett to our home to help us with his final day. Thank you.

Dr. Christina Kinkade – We can not say enough about how grateful we are to have found your service and to have had the services of Dr. Kinkade! It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. We were heartbroken when our 7 year old dog, Mia was diagnosed with cancer and went downhill fast. We were told by the vet hospital that she was suffering and should be euthanized, but with Covid-19, it would not be possible for us to be there. Our regular vet, Dr. DeMarco of Kingston Animal hospital told us about Pet Loss at Home. I am so thankful I found this service to match families in need to vets who are doing this work to honor our pets lives. Dr. Kinkade was amazing!!! She was so very kind and patient with us and with our pet. Her gentle, kind nature and the knowlege she imparted made this process so much more bearable, and what a difference to be able to say goodbye our four-legged family member at home. It made this heartbreaking situation a little less sad. I feel like we were able to honor Mia’s beautiful life with a beautiful ending. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Kinkade!!
The Nielsen Family

Dr. Leverone provided extremely gentle and humane service to my beloved 13 year old Labradoodle, Ozzie, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. From the minute he came to the door I knew that it was the right decision to contact him. Dr. Leverone patiently explained exactly what he would be doing and what to expect, and his professional yet kind manner made everything easier. I really felt like he cared about Ozzie and wanted to make sure the experience was respectful to both Ozzie and me. I could not have asked for a more peaceful end, and I thank Dr. Leverone for making that possible.

Saying goodbye to Maximus was the hardest thing I had to do in years, and I wanted him to be comfortable in his own home when we had to do it. Dr. Whisnand was patient and very comforting during the entire process.

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for Dr Mary Ann Bender. The quick return call and the same day visit on a weekend made our decision much easier.
Sitting on the living room floor with my baby in my lap, was the most beautiful way we could say goodbye.
No stress for her and no stress for us.
We hurt because she is gone but smile because she is at peace.

I want to thank Dr Alicia Darden for being very kind and compassionate and for the long drive to our house to put my sweet Labrador Dakota to rest. He had an a very aggressive cancer that came on suddenly and took him within two weeks. I was/am heartbroken I had him for 12 wonderful years and he was playing and running until this awful cancer struck. She brought Dakota’s ashes and clay and ink paw prints back to me. I highly recommend this service there is no good place to lose your best friend but letting him go at home was so much better than the cold environment of a vet office.


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~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home

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