Testimonials to help share others’ experiences

Ranger was our baby that we adopted while I was newly pregnant with my human baby. Ranger used to lay on my tummy and feel his baby sister moving around. He was a sweet dog.
One day he woke up and couldn’t get off his bed. There were so many signs that he was just in pain. We tried to give him medicine and he didn’t even have the strength to take it.
We made the very hardest decision any pet parent could make. We knew we needed to give him peace.
We called Dr. Ong and she was willing to come out even though, because of his pain, Ranger was very aggressive.
Dr.Ong knew our situation and worked with us to come out that same day. She didn’t want Ranger to suffer any longer. I was at work and rushed home to be there. I was 10 min late but Dr.Ong was kind enough to wait until I made it.
I made it home and met her in my driveway. I was a wreck. She gave her condolences and assured me that she would take care of our boy.
I won’t go into the details of the process but Dr.Ong was so incredibly kind and walked us through every step. She took care of our baby like he was her own.
It was a rough week but nothing made me happier than to receive a handwritten sympathy card from Dr.Ong.
I hope we never have to go through this again, but if we ever do, we would definitely use Dr.Ong and these services again. Thank you for handling a terrible situation with such love and understanding.


Christina Kinkade Is amazing like honestly amazing and a life saver she came to our house in our time of need sat and talked to us when we needed her she was so good with our angel and was there the whole time when we had no one by our side she helped us through everything she went out of her way to help us and we can’t thank her enough we really can’t we definitely recommend her because she is patient and she definitely treated our angel like her own and that meant the world to us honestly she is truly amazing and truly one of a kind I can’t find people like and we will forever be grateful for her because not only did she help put our angel to rest she was actually so caring and loving with us and our dog we appreciate you so much and everything I mean everything you did for us we truly appreciate it and we can’t be more grateful for you
Debbie & Marie

“Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my soulmate. I really believe some of us have human soulmates and a few of us are blessed with an animal as a soulmate . Trinity was mine. For 11 years she gave every ounce of her love and life to me .
I thank God he sent Dr. Mendelsohn to be the facilitator in her passing. Dr. Mendelsohn was kind, compassionate, caring, experienced and patient. She explained everything that we would experience. My son was in awe of her skill and compassion, commenting how hard it must be to do what she does and to remain so , and he’s a guy so not much impressed him. Trinity went in peace and pain free, falling asleep in my arms and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Mendelsohn for what she gave me.”


Ziggy was a loving and caring member of our family for 13 years. Ziggy always showed companionship to whoever she met and especially those who would return for visits. Unfortunately as time past, we were faced with a tough decision based off many of her declining factors. Ziggy was comforted in her last moments alongside her family and Dr. Sandra Coon (who so kindly brought a sympathy blanket and potty pads). During the very emotional process of saying goodbye Dr. Coon remained professional but also very compassionate. Dr.Coon is very experienced and helped this process feel more intimate and less commercial. My family feels blessed to have found Dr.Coon who showed how much she cares and wants to support her clients during one of their worst days. Thank you again.


“Thank you Dr. Ong for assisting us today on a sad , but, Happy day knowing our dearly Loved Shane is at eternal rest and playing with his other family members as young pups. Your utmost compassion and care was so welcomed today it made the afternoon bearable.” Thank you Again

“I love that this service puts you in contact with a vet in your area. Dr. Decter was very responsive…”


“I cannot recommend this enough. Dr. Bender helped to make this extremely difficult day a bit easier on my beloved Simon and me.”
– Amy
I just want to let  you know we recently used Pet Loss At Home for the first time and found it to be a most wonderful experience.  Our Daisy was on her favorite couch with her head on her Dad’s lap as she crossed the bridge – no fear or trembling.  We have had 14 dogs and cats during our life and for those that needed euthanasia, the trauma of taking them to a cold, sterile vet clinic for their last moments still breaks our hearts.  We wish we had known of the at-home option before.  Thank you so much for creating and providing this service.
Mike & Deb Halverson
Lake Geneva, WI

Dear Dr. Danton,

We wanted to reach out, and thank-you for your extra kindness when we were saying our goodbyes to our precious Uhura.  Your kindness made all the difference.

Thx again,  The Doles


My husband and I had to say goodbye to our beloved Gomez last month. He was nearly 19 years old and was suffering from dementia, deafness and kidney disease. The decision was difficult as he was still having good periods of time-lying by a sunny window, etc. But at the advice of our vet, we decided that it was time-there we’re no cures for his ailments.

The veterinarian who came to our home was kind and compassionate as well as very patient. I believe she sensed that we had mixed feelings about our decision and even offered to let us cancel but we knew if it hadn’t been done that day, it would be soon.

I would highly recommend this service. Our cat was almost impossible to get to the vet under any circumstances and we did not want his last moments to be stressful. Gomez passed on while lying in his favorite chair.

“Thanks so much for coming to our house, it made things easier.
I would love for Ozzy to be on there.
When I think of Ozzy, I just smile. He gave the best hugs and was always by my side. We will miss him dearly.”

“Dr. Scott performed euthanasia procedures for 2 Pet Parents here at Pet Passages- Lake Orion in our Rainbow Bridge rooms. These Pet Parents didn’t want to have the procedures done at home and they also didn’t want to go to a vet office so Dr. Scott responded here. Dr. Scott used best-practices and was so very kind, caring, compassionate and explained things to the Pet Parents in such a good way.”

“I am so thankful for Pet Loss at Home and especially Dr. Darden. I have had the unfortunate experiences (many times over) when my furbaby’s are ready to pass, as I have had dogs my whole entire life. This is the very first time I have utilized this type of service and truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I was making a good choice or not. I am here to tell you, this was by far the most any of us could have hoped and wished for! Dr. Darden was compassionate and gave us all the time we needed throughout the whole entire process. It was like she was barely there and our boy got to just be with us and focus on his family. Our whole family got to sit, love on and comfort him, in his own yard, with the sun shining down. It was so peaceful – there was no nervous/anxious transporting to a vet office, dealing with long wait times to be seen and the last moments for him weren’t in strange/sterile room. Thank you again, truly, from the very bottoms of our family’s hearts.”
The Hall Family

Our most heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kinkade for helping us to let go of the best cat to walk the Earth, Raleigh. Her kindness, compassion, calmness and expertise was greatly appreciated. I knew having a vet come to my home would be better for my cat. He was able to go in his own bed, on my husband’s lap. Surprisingly, I also felt so much better in the end, and feel it’s helped me to deal with this loss. Maybe because there was no guilt of the trauma of the pet carrier and vet office. We are so lucky to have been able to do this. I can’t thank you enough.

Dr. Scott was absolutely wonderful when it came time to say goodbye to our 12 year old dog Mia. Although it was the toughest day it was everything I had wished for. Mia was comfortable with Dr. Scott and was not afraid. She comforted all of us and was very kind and patient through the whole process. Mia was able to stay in my arms throughout the entire process and spent her last minutes in peace. She took wonderful care of her body and transported her directly to the crematorium afterwords. We are forever grateful for her.

Even though our six year old Golden Retriever, Taco, was very ill, the decision to euthanize him was extremely difficult.
We valued Dr. Carol Ong’s comforting presence from Pet Loss At Home. Her professional qualm, kind and empathetic manner helped us greatly with Taco’s transition. We can’t tell you how much Dr. Ong’s condolence card (which we received a few days later), meant to us. It was such a generous gesture ! We are most grateful!

“My buddy Finn was diagnosed with Lymphoma and just a couple months later needed Gail. She made the entire process manageable at a time when it’s hard to know what the right decisions are. The process is perfect for the pet you love so much – no pain, no scary trip to the Vet – just slipping away while resting in their favorite place surrounded by their favorite people. It was lovely – thank you Gail!”

When our sweet 16 year old Doxie “Cocoa” let us know that it was her time to join her sister in heaven, we placed a call to Lap of Love. I was greeted by the kindest, most empathetic lady who gave me the details of the process of helping Cocoa cross the bridge in the privacy of our home. We held her and loved her all day, made her scrambled eggs with cheese, talked to her and cried with her.
Dr. Tiffany arrived and explained the process to us. We cuddled Cocoa and our other Doxie, Java, sat between us to let her best friend know everything would be alright.
After her relaxation injection I leaned in and she kissed my face twice as she fell asleep peacefully. When her heart stopped, we handed her over to Dr. Tiffany who put her in a basket to take her to her private cremation.
Meanwhile, in the next several days I received emails of support and encouragement, condolence cards and shortly after Cocoa’s ashes arrived in a beautifully engraved box. Included are paw prints, a vial with a tuft of her fur, a lovely poem and bookmark.
Having had to put 2 other dogs down in my life, I can assure you, there is no comparison to having had this very private and intimate experience.
Thank you to Lap of Love for your comfort and support.

Tila was 14, failing in health and we came to the hard decision to let her go. We didn’t want to stress her needlessly and knew home euthanasia would be best for her. Dr. Leverone was wonderful, calming and kind. We’re very thankful and honored to have had Tila for 12 of her 14 years. A very sweet dog that will be missed very much.

“When the time came, we contacted Pet Loss at Home. Gail Larson quickly returned our request and was able to help us in a timely manner. Gail was professional and gave us the time we needed. Its a hard thing to put down a beloved pet but a little easier when dealing with people who care.”
Thank you Gail.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better experience with any business ever. After calling the phone number and entering a zip code I was transferred to Dr. Tracey Decter, the actual physician who would be performing the procedure.

She was wonderful, comforting and pretty much everything you’d hope for in a veterinarian. She spoke with me about the procedure, walked me through everything and was patient through any questions or comments I had. We agreed upon a time and I made payment over text messages to her actual cell phone.

She was punctual and kept us appraised about her arrival time. When she got there she was so kind to our little guy and to us. He had been fading for a while and it was time.

She was gentle and comforting while performing the procedure. After it was done she left us with dignity and respect. I couldn’t have asked for it to be done better. I couldn’t recommend Pet Loss at Home enough. Wonderful organization!

“Dr. Mendelsohn was incredibly sweet, informative, and patient with our boy. She explained each step and made sure our sweet cat wasn’t in any pain and went peacefully and quickly. Can’t recommend this service enough. Professional, kind, and empathetic for this tough time in our life.”

“I’m writing this review on the third year anniversary of my girl, Tessa’s passing.
I’ve been meaning to write a review all of this time but kept putting it off but never forgot how grateful I am to Dr. Carrie Moore.

Dr. Carrie was amazing. Let me start with the fact I was nervous about Tessa’s end and a stranger being there as Tessa was terrified of strangers. Dr. Carrie arrived timely, she was very soft-spoken, very soft in her presence, Tessa was able to leave without fear of the stranger that was helping her pass. I can’t express how much easier this made Tessa’s transition and made me that much more comfortable doing the dreaded.

Dr. Carrie was very understanding too. She went on my time frame, she waited for me to say it was time, and even then, before she did the initial injection, she verified I was okay with her helping Tessa pass. Tessa’s passing was painless and stress-free.

I highly recommend Dr. Carrie, she truly made a bad situation much easier and truly respected both Tessa and me.”

Greg Vasil
New Berlin, WI

“I want to thank PET LOSS AT HOME for being the only organization in the Greater Houston area that includes services for Katy, out of the 7 I contacted that claimed they provided
these services in our area, Pet Loss At Home was the only one that actually included our location as “in area.”  This is concerning to me as I;ve been looking for an at home
palliative service for the last few weeks that later – when it was the time was appropriate – could also perform at home euthanasia. The first two referrals from our vet (who are
located less than a mile from our home) were listed on their website as servicing our area, but when contacted siad “we dont have a vet in your area at this time.”
I would also like to personally thank Dr. Carol Ong for the services she provided for Ivan yesterday, and her guideance she provided me over the phone each time I called this week
attempting to find a service that would come to our home as Ivan deteriorated over the last two weeks. She was very generous with her time, answering the phone personally each
time I called this week, and demonstrated Ivan’s comfort and care was her primary priority. She is excellent at what she does. I cannot express my gratitude to her.”