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“Dr. Leverone kindness and professionalism got us through a very painful time when helping my 14 year old Tessie girl on her last day with us. Driving an hour to my home late at night so she wouldn’t suffer. Our heartfelt gratitude for what he did for her and his genuine sympathy for us.”

Thank you sir.


“I want to send a special thank you to Dr. Bender. She came and put my dog down the day after thanksgiving and was so caring. She got on the floor and introduced herself to my dog. She explained the entire process for us, asked if we had any questions. She gave us all the time we needed with him before he passed. She made sure he left this realm in the most dignified manor possible. We appreciate she came and did everything. Thank you again for making sure our angel is no longer in pain.”
Robert Treglia

“Dr. Prior was calming and courteous during our difficult time. My wife and I thank you for your wonderful service.”

Beloved Dog

Dear Laurelle,

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion in gently sending our beloved girl on her way.  We so appreciate that her last moments were calm, peaceful, and full of love.  We miss her greatly but take comfort in knowing she had a great life and a serene ending.

Thank you for the card and flower seeds.  VCA was also notified of your excellent skill and compassion, which we will never forget.

Again, much heartfelt thanks,

Linda Lou & Glenn


RIP Molly – Oct 11, 2001 – Nov 13, 2021. The recent past wasn’t a lot of fun for you, but here is a picture from your happier days.
Many thanks to Dr Donna O’Leary who came to our house to help Molly on her way in the most compassionate manner possible

Dear Dr. Shields,

We wanted to reach out and thank you for helping us say goodbye to our sweet girl, Jane, last weekend.  We can’t imagine how tough a job that is, but your work is so appreciated – since June began showing signs of illness in early summer, she began showing signs of aggression when we’d take her to the vet – very unlike her, and limiting our ability to get the info we needed to help her.  When you came to our house and she wagged her tail, we knew she knew you were there to help and that she was ready to go.  Being able to say goodbye to her on our couch – her favorite place – was a true blessing – we know her last moments were so comfortable and stress free as possible and that she got the dignified and compassionate goodbye she deserved.  We were so lucky to have had almost 10 years, miles of hikes, tons of camping trips and other adventures with her.

Thank you so much. – Liz and Jason


“We are extremely grateful for the service provided by Dr. Cassie. Saying goodbye to our sweet girl Stella was so very hard. We had made our appointment and shortly realized we had to move the appointment immediately. Dr. Cassie was accommodating, so Stella did not suffer. We were able to have her at home and not the clinic she was terrified of. Dr. Cassie was compassionate and took our timeline as we struggled a bit to say goodbye. If you can do it at home, I highly recommend Pet Loss at Home.”




“This was a terrible emotional time, however I could not think of a better way for my dog to cross over. Amy was amazingly caring, and my baby boy passed peacefully in arms. I recommend them highly to anyone having to go through this difficult decision!”


“We had to say goodbye to our dear lab, today. She was very reactive and fear aggressive to other animals anf noises which made vet trips so stressful for her and us so we decided an in home visit would be best. Our girl ran up to Dr Carrie with her sister next to her side to say hello. She played with her new stuffy until the sedation kicked in and then slowly drifted off to sleep in the grass with us petting her. It was so, so hard to lose her, but the calm and peaceful way about her during the experience made it a little less painful. Thank you, Dr Carrie.”


“Thank you Dr. Gail Larson for helping us say good bye to our dear Daisy. She was our Crazy Daisy and we needed her to have a calm and peaceful setting at the end. So happy you are part of this , much appreciated, service!”

Daisy will remain in our hearts forever!

Judy & Dennis Defiel


Dr. Danton,

Thank you so much for helping Amicus leave this world and for guiding us along the journey.  Amicus truly was at ease with you which made a huge impact on us.  Additionally, we are grateful for the thoughtful cards and seeds.  We appreciate you and you coming into our home to help us say goodbye to our best friend.

Love Jerica, Chris & Chama


Thank you Dr. M’Risa Mendelsohn for your tender and loving care in helping our beloved Hoss pass peacefully and for helping our family through a horrible day. It hurts so bad to lose a pet but it is a great consolation that caring and dedicated vets such as yourself make it so your pet can pass peacefully at home surrounded by family. Thank you so much.


“Dr. Cassie Schneller was a caring and compassionate practitioner who helped our beloved Oliver pass beyond his physical discomforts surrounded by his family. I highly recommend Pet Loss at Home when it is time to say goodbye to your own beloved pet.”

“Dr. Rachel was an angel. She made a difficult journey much more bearable. You could immediately tell that she GENUINELY cares for the families and fur babies that she is helping. She offered us and our baby peace. Thank you Dr. Rachel.”


“We had a very difficult decision to make for our Sammy. Dr Rachel was incredible during a very difficult time for us. She was patient, kind and listened to us. Her genuine concern during this time was of great support to us. Then to receive a card from her a couple of days later was a wonderful gesture that we were not expecting. We hope that we never have to make this decision again (but with 3 dogs, there will come a time) but would not hesitate to call on Dr. Rachel again. She was an angel when we needed it most.”


“We want to thank Dr. Bingham for her kind and compassionate assistance when our beautiful girl Rosemary needed her help at the end of her wonderful life with us. Dr. Bingham came out on a Sunday evening, across town, within 90 minutes of my call for help. She was both professional and gentle and helped everyone in our family to understand and get through this painful process with her kindness.”
Thank You!


I cannot thank Dr. Christina Kinkade enough. She was so compassionate and caring. She answered the call and was able to be there for our Harley so he did not have to suffer anymore. It was so peaceful and calming having her. As much as my heart is completely broken over Harley, I know he is at peace. Thank you again for being there for us and him in his time of need.

Just wanted to pass along how wonderful Dr. Oleary was this past Sunday at our home helping us at this difficult time. She made the whole process so dignified and respectful, we truly appreciate everything that was done for us that day. Keep up the great work and I will most definitely pass on to whoever may need you guys in the future. God bless

“Dr. Shields came when needed, Maggie’s time was becoming a time of suffering even as she still made the effort to faithfully follow me about.
He was caring and gentle. My heart is broken but I know Maggie’s is at peace.
Maggie was my 11 or 12 yr old American cocker rescue friend for 5 years who had been fairly stable with Cushings symptoms until her pituitary tumor grew. She was always within a few feet of me but never underfoot.”

Thank you Dr. Shield.

Baby Boy

Dr. Brian Arnold was the best we could’ve asked for. Our almost 2 year old puppy needed to be put down after his CKD caused a rapid decline in his condition. Dr. Arnold was able to be at our home in Napa in less than 3 hours from the time we called on a Monday night. Our baby boy was able to find peace at home with the help of Dr. Arnold. We were pleasantly surprised that after his passing Dr. Arnold made paw prints in clay, paw and nose prints with ink and paper and gave us a glass jar of some of his hair clippings. The whole process was so peaceful and Dr. Arnold made us comfortable and offered a lot of support and kind words. I would 10/10 recommend using Dr. Arnold if you ever have to help your animal pass peacefully at home. Thank you Dr. Arnold. You hold a special place in our hearts.

“Thank you. We had our beloved kitty Minou euthanized yesterday by Dr. Rachel Thauberger. She arrived EXACTLY on time which was very much appreciated. I will spread the word for how wonderful the experience was.”
Joyce and John Thomas

Dr. Dustin Durfee was able to help our beloved Newman make his transition peacefully at our home in his favorite spot on the back porch. He was so kind and comforting during this difficult time. I would recommend this service, and Dr. Durfee to everyone.

“Dr. Bender was so professional and compassionate. She explained everything to me in advance and made this very hard time a little easier. She was very kind gave me time alone with my dog to say goodbye. I would highly recommend her she’s a wonderful person.”


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~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home

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