Testimonials to help share others’ experiences


Dr. Padgelek fit us in at the last minute at the end of the day, so we didn’t have to make our girl, Cayenne suffer any longer. She was professional, caring, explained everything while giving us the time to absorb and give us time to slowly transition our girl over the rainbow bridge. Thanks for being so helpful and understanding during this difficult time.

“Dr. Teague was so compassionate and patient with us. He explained everything and there was no rush. We were able to help our Dane pass comfortably. Thank you for taking care of my best girl Charlie.”


“Sweet Scrappy of Gloucester, VA was truly a valued family member. He enjoyed being fussed over by everyone, and he was included in all family activities. He was almost 17 years old when he received a diagnosis of a tumor on his spleen recently. His family was concerned about his quality of life. Today, surrounded by his large family and showered in tears, he peacefully gained his angel wings. Fly high, sweet boy!


Pet Loss at Home with Dr. Tami made a terrible day less stressful and more peaceful for our faithful furry family member “Fluffy”. Fluffy was over 17 years old and being able to provide her with a peaceful transition without the stress of traveling while she was so ill made all the difference for our family. Dr. Tami was able to accommodate coming out the same day and at a time that allowed all of us to be present to provide love and comfort for our Fluffy. Dr. Tami was very kind and compassionate and explained everything she was doing along the way. She took a paw print mold and shaved some fur for us to remember our sweet kitty. Our kids were 7 and 9 years old when this kitty came into our family. As they sat on the couch (Fluffy’s favorite place), our daughter at 24 years old was able to hold her childhood cat and provide love and comfort as she entered eternal rest. Being able to provide this service for our family pet made all the difference for us. We are very grateful for Dr. Tami and Pet Loss at Home for easing our pain and providing a peaceful transition for our family member.
May you continue to provide comfort to others! Thank you
The Bigler Family


We had to make the tough choice to help our “goodest boy”, Winston, transition to his heavenly home.

Dr. Kinkade allowed us the time to share Winnie’s story. How he came to our home, the loss of his fur best friend a couple years ago, and his quick decline. We also have twin 8 year old boys and another dog. She explained the process to our boys and made a suggestion to have his golden best friend present so she could say goodbye and know that he was gone.

The process was so peaceful and she walked us through everything. She even let us take the time we needed after he passed to say goodbye. I’d recommend Dr. Kinkade to all my friends and family. At home euthanasia is definitely the way to go.

“My name is Paul Westin and I just had to make the toughest decision in my life. Our beloved dog Maggie at 14 years of age developed mast cell cancer and was suffering. The decision to peacefully take her from her pain was our only option but one that would prove to be emotionally heart breaking.

After speaking to four different veterinarians that offered at home euthanasia I choose (Dr. Carrie Moore). Dr. Moore was unbelievable at taking us through this process, kind, thoughtful, gentle and very professional. She gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our Maggie and she made sure that she suffered no pain during this process. Dr. Moore helped us in our darkest hour with compassion I have not seen in a long time.”

I would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us!

Sincerely, Paul & Cindy Westin

“Dr. Mendelsohn was an angel during this very emotional time. Of course, our dog’s health declined significantly in a matter of two days that ended up falling on a weekend. Our son had a baseball tournament (which he made to the championship) and it caused scheduling distress.  Dr. Mendelsohn was very understanding in changing the time last minute and so helpful.

When she arrived, she gave so much love and positive energy to our Daisy. It was such a calm and relaxing experience in our own backyard. She eased our pain by asking about Daisy as a puppy and she told us everything to expect, so we wouldn’t be needlessly traumatized.
I would highly recommend to anyone who wants an intimate and calming experience, without the stress of a busy vet’s office. It was well worth it and I know Daisy appreciated one less visit to the vet. Thank you Dr. Mendelsohn.”
Norman, OK

Our 10 year old Rottweiler, Shiva, had masses inside her abdomen, lungs and liver. She stopped eating and was declining. I called the service and received a callback from Dr. Kincaid. We spoke on the phone for a good amount of time and we made an appointment.

Dr. Kincaid arrived at the appointed time and my family spoke with her. She evaluated our girl and informed us of her recommendation. We agreed as a family that we would put our girl out of pain.

We decided that we would do it in the front yard where it was shady and she would be on the grass under the tree. Dr. Kincaid explained what she was going to do and we stayed with our girl to the very end. Dr. Kincaid told us to take our time saying goodbye.

This was one of the hardest days of my life but Dr. Kincaid made it less stressful for us and especially for my girl.

If our pets have a guardian angel it is Dr. Kincaid and Pet Loss at Home.

Thank you.


Thank you to Dr. Christine Scott for allowing Grace to be as comfortable as she could possibly be outside at our home. We are forever grateful.


Dr.Rosenberg was so compassionate and truly professional. Having him come in and explain everything as he guided us through one of the hardest decisions we have had to make with our pug. His level of compassion is truly amazing and I’m thankful that we were able to have him come to our home.


Dr. Christina Kinkade was truly wonderful. She was able to come at somewhat short notice and was very communicative and provided helpful tips on getting our cat ready. When she got here, she was efficient and methodical while also being sensitive and warm. She made the whole process so easy. We’re very grateful.

“We had a positive experience, as much as we could in the moment, with Pet Loss at Home. Dr. Tami was great with communication via text to set everything up. She provided us with a footprint and private cremation services as well. The whole process was low stress and she was comforting the whole time. I highly recommend them for this decision that is so difficult to make. She really made saying goodbye to our Toby the best it could be.”

“Dr. Dionne Harrell was so compassionate and patient with our family when we had to say goodbye to our pup, Nikko.  It is so incredibly difficult to see our pets suffer, but being able to hold them in their final moments at home is an amazing gift.  I would recommend choosing this option for our babies if you can.”


“I am so grateful for this service. The website for this service is thorough and transparent on pricing, and it is worth every penny if you can manage. It also has sections on quality of life and when it may be time to make the call. This helped immensely. When I did have to make the call, I felt empathy from the start from the automated message, it states that they know that you didn’t want to make that phone call, asks for your zip code, then it connects you to the veterinarian. I was connected with Dr. Mary Ann Bender. She came the next day and was so professional, sweet, respectful, empathetic and informative. She took her time, and made sure that we understood the process, were prepared for each step, and asked if we had questions. She made sure my cat, Tallulah, was comfortable and we did the whole process on my front porch, my cat’s favorite spot. After, she let us spend some time with her and handled her so gently at the end. Animals are so lucky to have people like her to help them be laid to rest. I don’t know how they do what they do, but my family is so grateful. Thank you so much, Dr. Bender.”

Dr. Laurelle Danton,

Thank you for taking your time with the Ghahate family as we made the decision to allow Maddie to cross the rainbow bridge.  You made the evening a beautiful one.  Maddie Girl was so special to all and we would not have had it any other way.  Your services are much appreciated.

Love, Eric, Maria, Tomas, Victoria, Lee Ann, & Chris…on behalf of Maddie Girl


“Dr. Durfee was an absolute Godsend. He is so kind and sensitive, texting us the day of and after to check in. He really made sure it was as positive an experience as it could be. He talked us through everything and gave us coping tools and ideas that we are still using and talking about days later. He is simply wonderful.”


“It’s never easy making this call. Lap of Love didn’t have any weekend availability, and I couldn’t let my boy Marco be in pain for that long. So I called Dr. Shields, who said he could be there the next day. I couldn’t find many reviews and was slightly nervous, but Dr. Shields was punctual and professional. You can tell he’s been doing this for awhile, but he wasn’t just going through the motions. He was caring and didn’t hesitate to share his own cat stories from being a pet owner, as well as a vet. He sent us a condolence card as well that meant a lot to me and my fiancee. The price was not unreasonable either. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to say goodbye at home.”

Thank you Dr. Shields.


“Dr. Angel could not have been more caring and professional. She made a difficult time so much easier for us. You treated our sweet kitty, Lola, like your own. Thank you!”


Dr. Laurelle,

“Thank you for taking your time with the family as we made the decision to allow Maddie Girl to cross the rainbow bridge.  You made the evening a beautiful one.  Maddie Girl was so special to all and we would not have had it any other way.”

Your services are very much appreciated.


Eric, Maria, Tomas, Victoria, Leann, & Chris


“Saying goodbye to a pet that has been part of the family for 10 years was not easy but I had made the decision that it was in Chloe’s best interest for me to compassionately send her on her journey.

I am so grateful Christina Kinkade was our hospice vet! Her warmth and compassion was comforting.

While I’m sad, I am beyond grateful that Chloe was able to pass here at home with my being able to comfort her and for Christina’s compassion shown to me.

Christina arrived on time, was flexible with her schedule and that made it easier for me to prepare for my goodbyes to Chloe.

I will not hesitate to recommend Christina to my pet parent friends who find themselves in these situations.”

Thank you Christina!


“My Lulu girl was the most precious girl and happy energetic dog. Last week we had a very sudden onset of spontaneous pneumothorax and the vets at GCVS couldn’t keep her lung inflated and recommended humane euthanasia. Once I recovered from the jarring news, I knew I didn’t want it to be done in a foreign place. I reached out to Dr. Carol Ong and she made time for myself and Lulu the next day. I worked with GCVS to find a way to keep the lung inflated for the 24hr period. Dr. Ong came to my house on-time and was very gentle with me and my support group because I was a mess. It was quick and peaceful (although gutting for the human parent and friends). She left me with a paw print and a clipping of Lulu’s hair. We did an at home burial in a casket I had hastily made, and for this option, it was affordable versus the vet clinic charge for the same treatment. Thank you Pet Loss at Home for helping with Lulu’s deathcare.”

Ranger was our baby that we adopted while I was newly pregnant with my human baby. Ranger used to lay on my tummy and feel his baby sister moving around. He was a sweet dog.
One day he woke up and couldn’t get off his bed. There were so many signs that he was just in pain. We tried to give him medicine and he didn’t even have the strength to take it.
We made the very hardest decision any pet parent could make. We knew we needed to give him peace.
We called Dr. Ong and she was willing to come out even though, because of his pain, Ranger was very aggressive.
Dr.Ong knew our situation and worked with us to come out that same day. She didn’t want Ranger to suffer any longer. I was at work and rushed home to be there. I was 10 min late but Dr.Ong was kind enough to wait until I made it.
I made it home and met her in my driveway. I was a wreck. She gave her condolences and assured me that she would take care of our boy.
I won’t go into the details of the process but Dr.Ong was so incredibly kind and walked us through every step. She took care of our baby like he was her own.
It was a rough week but nothing made me happier than to receive a handwritten sympathy card from Dr.Ong.
I hope we never have to go through this again, but if we ever do, we would definitely use Dr.Ong and these services again. Thank you for handling a terrible situation with such love and understanding.


Christina Kinkade Is amazing like honestly amazing and a life saver she came to our house in our time of need sat and talked to us when we needed her she was so good with our angel and was there the whole time when we had no one by our side she helped us through everything she went out of her way to help us and we can’t thank her enough we really can’t we definitely recommend her because she is patient and she definitely treated our angel like her own and that meant the world to us honestly she is truly amazing and truly one of a kind I can’t find people like and we will forever be grateful for her because not only did she help put our angel to rest she was actually so caring and loving with us and our dog we appreciate you so much and everything I mean everything you did for us we truly appreciate it and we can’t be more grateful for you
Debbie & Marie

“Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my soulmate. I really believe some of us have human soulmates and a few of us are blessed with an animal as a soulmate . Trinity was mine. For 11 years she gave every ounce of her love and life to me .
I thank God he sent Dr. Mendelsohn to be the facilitator in her passing. Dr. Mendelsohn was kind, compassionate, caring, experienced and patient. She explained everything that we would experience. My son was in awe of her skill and compassion, commenting how hard it must be to do what she does and to remain so , and he’s a guy so not much impressed him. Trinity went in peace and pain free, falling asleep in my arms and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Mendelsohn for what she gave me.”