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I would like to thank Dr. Cassie Schneller and Pet Loss at Home. This was a very difficult decision but Dr. Cassie was very patient and caring. Thanks again for everything.

Dr. Darden and Pet Loss at Home was the best experience for this very difficult time in my family’s life. She exhibited such care, concern and professionalism. Thank you so much for the dignity that you have given us with this situation. I definitely recommend Dr. Darden and Pet Loss at Home if you find yourself in need of this service.

Dear Dr. Danton,

Thank you so much for the beautiful card and Marigold seeds in memory of Rosie.  Thank you for being with us during her last moments.  We appreciate your kind and gentle acts.  Not a day goes by that we don’t think of Rosie.  We miss her.

Best wishes – The Yu Family


Deacon, my 11 year old Rottweiler was a therapy dog. He delighted in competing in Agility, Rally, Obedience, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing in addition to glueing himself to my side constantly. His loving gentleness impressed all he befriended. Dr. Bender treated Deacon, my best friend with kindness and care. God Bless these vets as they not only give the animal mercy but us pet parents as well. I thank God that Deacon chose to share his life with me.


Dr Kinkade came to our home today to help our 11 year old Harley cross over. It was an extremely difficult decision as he has arthritis so he was still enjoying some good days. We had been keeping track of his behavior so we could tell when the bad days started to outweigh the good and that had begun to happen pretty rapidly in the last couple of weeks. Harley is a very special dog , he has been nothing short of perfect since the day we adopted him at four months. It was incredibly important to us that we find the right person to guide this experience for him as even until his last breathe Harley deserved nothing shy of the very best. From the first phone call Dr Kinkade had a “ way “ about her. A very confident , comforting way. We knew right away that she was our girl. When she got to the house we met her on the deck and I reluctantly let my younger dog out to see who was here. We felt it was important to have her there but also because of her strung nature we were open to keeping her inside if she caused Harley any stress. Dr KinKade knew that we wanted her there and handled Blue with such calm and grace that she was able to stay with Harley until his last breathe. She seemed to be present when she needed to be and then somehow when we needed our time she seems to slip off into the background so we could grieve and comfort in what felt like total privacy. It’s a vulnerable time when you are losing a member of your family and having a stranger there seems like it could be awkward and uncomfortable , however , Dr Kinkade was the steady presence that we needed to be able to give Harley all of the love he deserved in his final moments here. She was peaceful and calm and authentic and genuine and so incredibly comforting. She took everything at Harleys pace and all tho she helps a lot of people and pets with this transition she made it feel like this moment affected her. Like Harley was important to her and that she truly wanted what was best for him. I am eternally grateful to her for what she gave us , for allowing our final moments with Harley to be just as beautiful as every moment before that. ❤️


During the days when our fur baby’s (Sophie) health was quickly declining, she provided us with signs that she was able to see the “Rainbow Bridge” in the distance, and that she was ready to return to nature and roam freely with her friends. So the search began, and we were fortunate enough to entrust our baby’s final journey with Dr. Craig Prior. Dr. Prior is an empathetic soul who carefully guided us throughout the entire process. With Dr. Prior’s tender heart, our baby was able to peacefully transition from this earthly realm surrounded by loved ones into the spirit dimension where she will live forever without fear or pain. We highly recommend “Pet Loss at Home” to help with your loved one’s final walk and if you live in the Nashville area, you can certainly count on Dr Prior to be accommodating and responsive to your needs.


We’re so pleased we opted for help from www.PetLossAtHome.com

Dr. Darden was amazing.
Our 15 year old lab-mix Trigger had been struggling for the last year with worsening arthritis, seizures, and intense noise fears.
He was otherwise happy and enjoying life but all of this changed when he appeared to have had a stroke and could not move. We waited and comforted him but after 24 hours he was in distress. We called Dr Darden at 7am and she was here before 9am.
Trigger made his journey gently and we had time to be with him and comfort him along the way. The last thing Trigger would have wanted was to be carried to a clinical environment. He passed where he slept every night for the last 15 years surrounded by family that loved him and I cannot think of a better outcome for this difficult situation.
Thank you Dr. Darden for your compassion and skill. It’s an amazing thing to be able to help people and their loved pets through all of this. Thank you so much!
Your personal visit to deliver Trigger’s ashes today made me want to share our experience and recommend petlossathome.com.
We’re going to spread his ashes along the routes we walked, the backyard he loved, and probably keep some as a small reminder of the great times we had with him.

Thank you!

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the amazing woman that helped my family say good bye to my beloved dog. Ripley was 18 and after so much denial she finally told me (in her way) that she was ready to embark on her next journey I called Pet Loss at Home and was put in touch with Dr. Danton.  She came to my home and helped me say good bye in the most compassionate, beautiful manner I could ever have hoped for. She had us talk about our fondest memories as the medication did its job so that we could have something beautiful to remember at this sad time. I will forever be thankful to her for her compassion. She is a beautiful human being and we are very lucky to have her. Thank you for this amazing service.

                    Yours sincerely,
                    Idaline K. Spencer
                    Albuquerque, N.M.

During a time of great need and sadness an angel came to use and his name was Dr. Phil. I could not have entrusted anyone else with my beloved Pinta ending her time here on earth. Pinta was a beloved member of our family for over 12 years. Thank You Dr. Phil for assisting us with what had to be done. Your care and attention to Pinta’s needs did not go unnoticed. I will end this note knowing that Pinta went to heaven in the most humane way possible and with as much comfort we could provide her with by her passing among her surroundings and with people who loved her close by. Thank You Dr. Phil for all you did. My tears now are bittersweet, times of sadness mixed with many, many happy memories.


Dr. Darden,
My family and I want to thank you for coming to our apartment last minute and assisting with the peaceful passing of our baby Charlie this past Monday. As you know, this was the hardest decision of our lives. I’ve never encountered the pain of loosing a pet, but having Charlie at home in our arms during this transition gave me a sense of peace with my decision. Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, empathy, and understanding to our situation. May God bless you as you continue to help other families through this painful process. We appreciate you.

~ Lakeshia

Dr. Rachel is so incredibly sweet. She was very understanding, gentle, caring, and informative about the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to go through such an awful experience with. She is really wonderful and I was very impressed. Thank you <3


Dr. Danton,

Thank you for your kindness towards our family, especially Lucy and Linus.  To have them here at home meant so much to all of us.  Thank you for the marigolds.  I have already planted them and anticipate their blooms.

We are very indebted to you for all you did for us.

Blessings.  Troy and Lisa Nix

“Thank you Dr Sandra this was very peaceful and loving….. Even though our hearts are heavy we’re also filled with the love and the care that she had these last few moments with us so thank you… What you do is truly a blessing to families like ours.”

Thank you


“The wife and I were a little hesitant in using a referral site such as this. But we were both overwhelmed with professionalism and compassion from Dr. Alicia Darden. She services the Atlanta area and she’s hands down amazing! If your considering using her do not hesitate one second! May our girl (Boo/Sheba) rest in piece.”
Mark & Lisa (Hoschton, Ga.)


Dr. Rachel just left my house with my Cherio. She was so kind and caring., not just to Cherio but to us, too. She took such good care of him.

“In the hardest time of my life, Dr. Rachel was incredibly kind, patient and responsive. I hate that anyone might need her services but I recommend her from the bottom of my heart. She made the whole process less traumatic and made my girl’s final moments peaceful and in the comfort our our own home.”

Thank you for the kind words Sandra, and alleviating a terrible time as well as it could possibly be. Again, thanks.

Dr. Rachel was amazing in helping our English Mastiff pass over the rainbow bridge. It was such a difficult decision but Dr. Rachel did the best she could to put us at ease and create a peaceful experience. Not having to take my pet into a vet made the entire experience less stressful and allowed our beloved family member to have his last memory be in his home with his entire human and furr family. Thank you for being so kind to our Moosey.


I would like to take a moment to thank Dr. Lou for his timely, compassionate, and professional care during the transition of our beloved Persian cat. We feel fortunate to have found Dr. Lou in our time of need. It is comforting to know that a valued member of our family was in the best hands possible; and we appreciate that he transitioned while at home with us, on his favorite couch. Dr. Lou’s expert handling of every step and his helpful recommendations on next steps was crucial in easing the burden for us at this difficult time.
Thank you.

Dr. Bender was very helpful and gracious in helping us make our dog’s passing peaceful and respectful. Our dog’s health took a very quick, serious decline, and Dr. Bender made room for us in her schedule to help him pass. We are very grateful to have her service so that our dog could pass at home, where he was comfortable and happy.


Thank you for helping us with Napster and your kindness.

Sandra and Bruce Pitt

Dear Dr. Danton,

I just want to thank you for making my goodbye to China as tolerable as it could be.  I appreciate you so much for coming so quickly.  I could not have gone to work and left her the next day.  I know you are used to tears; but I was a mess.  You made it easier for me to cry and not try to hold it in as I would’ve if I had to drag her to a “storefront”.  You ROCK!  So glad to have met you.

Blessings – Leslie A.


Dr. Mendelsohn was the absolute best. It is so difficult losing a 4 legged friend. She was very good about telling us the next step in the process. I can’t thank her enough for the care she gave me and my wife. We lost our boy of 13 years and she made the process easier although still difficult. I was too distraught to give her a hug but I hope that she knows she helped us immeasurably. Anyone in this situation should consider this method. At least our guy left this world in his home surrounded by those who loved him and in his own home. Crosby, we will miss you everyday. Much love for you.

Our girl went over the rainbow bridge. Chelsea brought so much love to us and we thank her for the wonderful years she gave us. We are heartbroken but now she is will her sister again and she can see and we know she is having fun! We will forever miss you sweet girl and you most definitely let paw prints on our hearts. We love you, Mommy and Daddy.
This was a hard decision to let our sweet girl go but when I called Dr. Tracey Decter answered the phone and she was compassionate. When she came to our home she explained everything and was gentle! We can’t thank her enough.


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~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home

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