We used Pet Loss at Home on April 12, 2014. I can highly recommend them. I had called three in-home euthanasia services, and Pet Loss at Home is the only one who actually answered the phone. I made an appointment with Dr. Henderson for a Sunday, and then had to call her back when I realized our Moon needed to go sooner. She was flexible and agreed to come the same afternoon I called her. This was such a relief for us. Moon gets so nervous at the vet, and I did not want his last moments to be ones of fright and discomfort. Dr. Henderson came to our home and sent Moon on his way in a very loving manner. Dr. Henderson was very compassionate, and she explained to us what to expect. The whole experience was as good as it can be. I will use them again when the time comes for our next pet to pass on to the next life. Thank you, Dr. Henderson. Thank you, Pet Loss at Home.

Plano, Texas

This is Grizzely, our 13 year old Mastiff. On October 6, 2013 we chose to send him to doggie heaven to relieve his pain and suffering. Dr. Jamie Griffin and Dr. David Sherer we truely wonderful through this painful process. Having to avoid the fearful car ride and vet visit was a blessing. I wanted to thank you for this service, it is something I am going to reccomend to everyone. This is not an easy decision to make, however they made the process as easy as possible and with the most amount of compassion and caring that a person can give. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Me and my husband would like to thank Dr. Dale Paley for not only helping our Chiko to have the peaceful passing at home he deserved but going out of her way to come days quicker than we planned when she had somewhere else to be the next day. Our dog had a bad seizure and we did not think he would make it and Dr. Paley found a different place to have him cremated that was open on Sunday and came right over even though we were 3 hours away. If you have a larger dog, the service is the best way to go! Thanks Dr. Paley and Pet Loss At Home for making our loss much more bearable.

Spartanburg, South Caronlina

On Monday, August 26, 2013, we used this service to say goodbye to our furry baby, Casey. Learning about PetLossAtHome from a friend helped inform us enough to confirm our decision to put Casey down was the right one at the right time for her. She was just a month short of her 17th birthday. We were very blessed to have her in our lives all those yrs, but our home will never be quite the same without her. The vet did an outstanding job of handling us humans with patience and compassion in those last minutes that we had with our little girl, which made saying goodbye to her peacefully laying in her own bed in our bedroom so much better than a sterile vet’s office. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is dealing with an older dog.

Chicago, Illinois

I used this service last night to relieve my sweet baby Topaz from his pain. He was 17, and I can hardly remember life without him. He is the love of my life. I knew I couldn’t wait another day, and I was thankful to find this service to come after hours to our home. Thank you, and I highly recommend this service to anyone who has to go through the loss of their pet. It is the best decision you can make for them…..to end the suffering. Please do not wait until they are too far gone in pain. The hardest part is letting go. Mommy loves you Topey Bear

Chicago, Illinois

Excellent, compassionate, fantastic vet Dr. Niqole Varani from this wonderful company came to our 10-year-old black lab Jesse Jr.’s rescue today to put him to peace, no more lymphoma pain. If anyone considers in home vs at the vet’s office this is the group to use!! Really put us and the dog at ease. We are so grateful for her exceptional compassion towards us in a very difficult hour!! Thank you!! She is most definitely a vet to keep on your staff!!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Testimonials (continued)

Long Island, New YorkIt was such a relief to find your site. It was helpful as I tried to come to terms with the decision, connected me to a wonderful vet and has been helpful as I grieve. It’s obvious how much care and thought has been put into it. Thank you to you and your wife for creating such a valuable resource.

Atlanta, GeorgiaMy sister and her family are truly grateful to Dr. Alicia Darden for her kindness and professionalism. She came out on a Sunday afternoon to ease my sister’s dog out of his pain. Because poor Champ was in too much pain for us to try to move him, she performed all of her tasks in the pouring rain, in the driveway where he had collapsed that morning. Dr. Darden went above and beyond to be helpful in every way, even producing a stretcher to carry my sister’s dog to his grave near their fish pond, and helping to carry the stretcher, loaded with Champ’s 70-pound body, up concrete steps through the mud. No one in my family has ever used this sort of service before; when the time has come to euthanize a pet, we have always made a sad, and for the pet, frightening, trip to a vet’s office. My sister and I have both decided that based on our experience with Dr. Darden, we will not hesitate to recommend her, and this service, to other pet lovers who are faced with this difficult situation.

Atlanta, GeorgiaDr. Darden has one of the hardest jobs in the world. She was courteous throughout the entire process and understood from the beginning the pain our family was dealing with. We lost our 3 year old Wheaten terrier to cancer just one week after the birth of our first child. She walked us through what was going to happen and made sure it was at our pace. We received a clay imprint and even got a follow up card in the mail a week later. It’s a call no one wants to make but if the need arises to relieve your loved one of pain, Dr. Darden should be the first call. Olive went peacefully in her home surrounded by family and friends.

Port St. Lucie, FloridaI am so sorry this took so long to write but we have been grieving for my sweet Molly (a Great Dane) since December. I would personally like to thank Dr. Rachel Thauberger who came to my home to assist Molly in passing from this life to the Rainbow Bridge. Rachel was compassionate and comforting. Her skills were excellent. She allowed Molly to pass with the people she loved holding her….No fear just peace. She treated us and Molly with respect and support. I had had a bad incident in the past with this and Rachel assured me that it would be peaceful and she was correct. She even treated Molly with dignity after she had died. Her help was something that I couldn’t have made it thru without, again Dr. Thauberger thank you for making a very difficult situation bearable. I have no bad memories of Mollys death thanks to you only peaceful and loving thoughts. I know my girl went to God comfortably….not full of fear as in a vets office…..Thank you Dr. Thauberger you’re work is very important. I would not hesitate in thew slightest to use this service. I highly recommend it.

Portland, Oregon: I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Dr. Lisa Kidby. You were so wonderful in a time of heart break for me. Thank you for taking to time to talk me through every step and giving me time to be ready. Chewbacca was so stubborn and I know that he would have fought to stay with us long into his own pain. You were not only patient with Chewbacca but with me as well. Allowing our cat a moment to say goodbye and know her dog was gone was a gift I cannot explain so I will just say thank you and trust you know how deeply it come from. Your compassion gave me a comfort I did not know I could feel tonight. You not only gave Chewy peace, you gave me peace as well. Your sincere words and calming presence were incredible. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Chicago, Illinois: Yesterday afternoon we said goodbye to our 12 year old girl Sophie. The service provided by Pet Loss at Home is a godsend. The hardest part of it all was me making the decision, she could no longer get up. So much hoping and second guessing on what to do. The only part of this painful process that was clear was to have it done in the peaceful, quiet, family surrounding and not dragged to a vet’s office in pain. Dr. Monique Lewison’s visit to our house was calm, reassuring and the most dignified end to my baby Sophie’s suffering. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.

Norman, Oklahoma: We recently used Pet Loss at Home to assist us in releasing our beloved 17 year old terrier from her earthly struggles. Dr. Tamara Smith arranged to meet us at our home on our schedule, and exhibited the utmost kindness and sensitivity, both on the telephone and in person at our home. Dr. Smith took pains to inform us completely regarding preparations to be made prior to her visit, and the procedure by which she would euthanize our dog. On the evening of the procedure, our entire family was present and had a very warm and comforting experience thanks to Dr. Smith’s kindness to us and to our pet. Reaching the decision to let our dog go was hard for us, but once made, the process was made infinitely less traumatic thanks to Dr. Smith. Thank you Dr. Smith and Pet Loss at Home for being there when we needed you. Leonard & Brenda Judy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Our sweet golden, Nelson, needed to be put down emergently. He was 15 and suddenly declined rapidly. Dr. David Scherer responded to our need within 40 minutes of our request. He is truly a gift to this world, he was kind and gentle, making Nelson’s passing on his favorite blanket in our home beautiful. I couldn’t imagine a better way to send my beloved boy on to his next adventure. Something’s in life you keep, this experience and having the honor of meeting this wonderful human being is one of them.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Thank you, Dr. Kristin Rowe. You didn’t have to come after hours, but you did. Each of has a calling and I am so happy you answered yours. You made a tough time bearable and Astro’s death easier on us all. We appreciate you.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Nothing but PRAISE for Dr. Gail Larson – showed great compassion, care and understanding with the loss of my 16 year old Beagle, MAX. Max, rest in peace! – you are crossing the Rainbow Bridge to see all of your friends. Thank you for making a difficult time a little bit easier!

Dallas, Texas: Dr. Joanna Henderson came to my home recently for my sweet little Sunny, and it was the best decision I could have made. Thank you Joanna for being so kind , gentle and sweet. I received your card today as well. Thank you.

Palm Beach/Wellington, Florida: Samantha was 19 years old. She was my only companion for over 18 years. Dr. Rachel Thauberger was so compassionate and kind. It was a blessing to have Sam die at home, in my arms.

Kansas City, Missouri: Yes, everything worked out well. Dr. Tim Lyon was so sweet and compassionate, and he came a long way, as soon as he could. Putting him down to sleep at home was the best decision to make for Buddy, who would freak out in a car or at the Vet’s. Thank you for having this service. Buddy was cremated the following morning, and I took a long nap with him in my arms. I have three other cats, but he was the love of my life..

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: RIP Cody. 🙁 I strongly recommend petlossathome.com. We knew it was time and Cody was really suffering from the arthritis in his hips. We called this afternoon and Dr Niqole Varani came to our house this evening. She was really compassionate and I couldn’t imagine having to bring him to a vet’s office to put him down. I think he knew, too, because he got himself up and walked around giving gentle kisses to all of our hands, even the doctor’s! 30 minutes after he was buried, it started to rain … tears from heaven. Thank you!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The only good thing about losing my dear, sweet Buddy was being able to hold him in my arms on my living room floor. Dr. Niqole Varani was kind and compassionate. Having these kinds of end-of-life quality choices make a rotten event somewhat less awful. Thanks and I will recommend you.

Atlanta, Georgia: Thank you Dr. Alicia Darden. You made a very hard thing, not so hard.

Atlanta, Georgia: We lost our precious puppy Nayla. She lost the use of her legs and couldn’t hold herself up anymore. It came on quickly and Nayla was such a fighter. After all of the tests, the doctors thought that it might be a brain tumor. Nayla gave us 7 years of such joy and love. For anyone who has to go through something like this, I highly recommend Pet Loss at Home. Dr. Alicia Darden, was so loving to Nayla and all of us and she made such a sad experience, very dignified and full of Love.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Dear Dr. Jaime Griffin…How do we thank you? Circumstances beyond our control enabled you to enter our lives at just the precise time. You genuinely felt our pain and helped us to absorb the sadness. Your loving touch and gentle spirt made an unbearable situation manageable. You took our precious Jackson home, and for that, we are overwhelmingly grateful. How do we say thank you? We say it with a prayer to God for you and your special ability to provide loving care to the most vulnerable creatures who love us so deeply and innocently. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: I recently utilized the home euthanasia services of Pet Loss At Home for our dog. Dr. Jaime Griffin was so wonderful that I just had to write to let you know. We really appreciated her professionalism and compassion, she made a difficult situation so much easier for us. The process was so peaceful and special, definitely the way that our best friend deserved. Dr. Jaime showed so much kindness and care for our pet that I was completely at ease with the decision we made. I would recommend Dr. Jaime to anyone.
Chicago, Illinois: Last night we had to put our 13 year old kitty down. We were so grateful that we were able to do this in the comfort of home and ensure her last moments were without any fear or pain. It meant a lot to me to be snuggled with her for her transition. Thank you for your compassionate staff, our vet was very kind and took the process slowly for the utmost level of comfort.
Chicago, Illinois: Thank you Pet Loss at Home and Dr. Monique Lewison for coming out so late in the evening to come to our time of need. Your kindness and compassion brought such comfort to everyone. Our 13 year old yellow lab, Libby, was able to pass away in her favorite spot of the house. Thank you hardly covers our gratitude. God bless.